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  • botchtowersociety

    I remember a JW costume party when I was about 5. It was cowboy/western themed and everybody dressed up.

  • undercover

    We had a costume party one time. It was well attended. Even the elders took part. Some really great costumes. Some people went the extra mile to make their costume as realistic as possible.

    The lamest costumes were Bible characters. One tubby elder tried to come as a Bible character and everyone thought he was John Belushi from Animal House.

    Anyway, a few weeks after the party, er get-together, the CO came through on his scheduled visit. He got wind of the party and he slammed the elders for allowing it to happen. After the CO's visit, the elders had to 'counsel' the sisters that had organized it and tell them to not do it again.

    This was about the same time as the "Thou shalt not have large gatherings" commandment was handed down from on high in Brooklyn.

  • BlackTwisted

    I JWs can't even have a costume ball/ or what they reccomend i rather say. that sucks, it was only for fun, no harm in it >_>...but it didn't stop them form doing it so...xD, heck, I have a JW friend that cosplayed Vincent (Final fantasy 7) earlier this year X3

    and the reason i asked was because..i want to cosplay, and i as thinking about cosplaying foxxy love from Drawn together...buti dont see it happening anytime soon due to my mom being i might do storm from x-men >_>

    @ C6H1206: that sucks...however, i think the biggest mistake was the second one,giving j-dubs (plural ather) the link. i only trust one, elders can't nessary restrict you from cosplay. I asked one sister this questiond and she told me it was up to the if your consious allows you to do cosplay, then hy not xD

  • afreeman

    I've never cosplayed, haven't had the chance. I would love to cosplay a Creeper or Gordon Freeman, though.

  • BlackTwisted

    Okay..Change of plans..I think I'll just cosplay as Tanya from Mortal Kombat...She's the only one i like much more out of all of the suggestions I made >_>

    @C6H12O6 I just looked up the character you cosplayed, she dresses decent. And I think what the elders did was hypocricy. How in the hell are they gonna tell people "It's up to your concience." Then gonna turn around and say something different? I don't think Cosplay is glroifying anything, for crying out loud, Since when did cosplaying became idoltary? If that's the case, Then they shouldn't dress up as bible characters and do plays based on them. lol doesn't that count for "Idoltary" as well? such hypocrites they are/were. They basically just forced thier opinions onto you.Which is very wrong of them to do that.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Dress up parties were a definite no no.

    no 50s themed dinners, no 70s retro get togethers. (even though a bunch of JWs would have still had those clothes in the closet)

    so cosplay?

    huge no no!

    having never got into, i do like the cool outfits the girls wear....

    love steam punk too.


  • BlackTwisted

    @Aussie Oz: That think they should stop doing bible plays then since we can't dress up as anything, as they claim?

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