Is the Society doing an extra "push" for Field Service this year?

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  • donny

    Maybe it is just the area I am in, but I have run into more JW's in Field Service this year than the last 7 or 8 combined. I have had three visits to my house, one for the memorial, one for a special talk and one for the convention. And yesterday was the 5th time this year I have been approached while out for my daily walk/run and given a tract or magazine. Yesterday was the June 1st, 2011 Watchtower with the title "End of Poverty, How?" (yawn).

    What has been consistent through these run-in's is they seem to be only interested in placing the literature. No one really tries to engage me in a conversation unless I start it.

    What has been going down in your area?

  • designs

    Seems from memory that there are two to three special campaigns each year.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse
    Seems from memory that there are two to three special campaigns each year.

    They have definitely stepped up the 'special campaigns'; I would bet my arse on them doing the 30 hour pioneering again next April.

  • cantleave

    Keep 'em busy, stop them 'em thinking.

  • paladin

    I agree, the push is big time this year since just before the the Memorial because Armaggedon is very near now from what I keep hearing.

  • clarity

    In my area they seem under the radar.

    4 or 5 years ago carloads of them were very common .... doin their slow little jw walk ... long coats or dresses, big purses and brief cases. Pairs of them on every street corner and mid block!!

    Rarely see them now! ???


  • designs

    Like any good Advertising company they need to keep coming up with new Slogans and Campaigns to keep the Salesforce motivated. Sort of like MLMs.

  • ziddina

    Yeah, they showed up on my doorstep a few weeks ago, after not having called for two-three years...

    See my thread:

    I'm looking forward to their next visit...

    Zid the She-Devil

  • TDaze

    In our congregation they usually started pushing when there were five saturdays in a month.

  • NewChapter

    I got 4 visits close to memorial, after not hearing from them for almost a year, even though an elder lives next door. I think it was the 30 hour thingy.


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