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  • Lawrence Hughes
    Lawrence Hughes

    Dear Friends,

    I wish to thank everyone who has helped me over the past nine years to fight the Watchtower Society in court. As a result of your kind support there has been important legal precedents set, a tremendous amount of media coverage created and numerous magazine articles published to expose the Watchtower Society and many lives have been saved.

    For a long time, I have been mentioning to you that there are outstanding court costs that have to be paid. I am very saddened to have to tell you that on July 15th, I will be forced to file at the court house a " Discontinuance " of the lawsuit. It is very painfull for me to have to do this. I have always believed that this lawsuit could be the vehicle by which that you and I could put an end to the Watchtower Society's ban on blood transfusions and perhaps be a catalyst in putting the Watchtower Society out of buisness. How long will the Watchtower Society continue to destroy families and cause the death of Jehovah Witnesses? How many more Jehovah Witnesses will have to bleed to death? How many more children will be taken away from parents in child custody cases because that parent could no longer live a lie and continue to go to meetings? The atrocities that the Watchtower Society commits against your family and the human family each day continues. When will it end? Over the next two weeks you can still make a difference and help me. To do so contact me at:[email protected] or visit

    The lawsuit is also for sale for $1.00.

    - 80% of the work has been done.

    - damages that could be awarded if you win is about one million dollars.

    - a panel of three justices at the Court of Appeal unanimously decided that this lawsuit could go to trial.

    - I believe the chance of winning is about 50/50. That is better odds than the lotto or gambling at Vegas.

    - one of the expert witnesses who has testified on behalf of the lawsuit is the World Expert of Pediatric Oncology. This expert literally wrote the book on the desease my daughter had.

    - the only thing left to do is prepare and go to trial.

    - I believe one person or a group of persons could purchase this lawsuit.

    - if anyone is interested then please contact me before July 15th, 2011. If you wish for me to phone you then email me your phone number with when is a good time to call and what time zone you are in.

    Thanks again,

    Yours truly,

    Lawrence Hughes

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    Best wishes! It is a great cause that you have started. Maybe we have a lawyer here that has some time???

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Hi Lawrence,

    My understanding of Canadian law is not great, can you clarify why you are withdrawing the case? Is it because of lack of funds? How is it that a case can be 'sold'?

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run


    You never accurately report your claim and how the law views your claim. If you are asking for funds, you should be more than touchy feely and appeal to the general hatred of Witnesses here.

    It is my understanding that your daughter was a competent adult. The court so found her. Her decision, while not one I ever would choose, was her own, not the Wathctower. Unlike a minor, she had the right to say no but affirmatively said yes. Unless your theory is that the Witnesses drugged her, her autonomy mattered. It is a very sad tale.

    If there were liability that exists outside of your own understandable belief, a lawyer would take your case on a contingency fee.

    Your emotions make for compelling reading and inspire us to hold the WT to a high standard for the absurd blood belief. Bethel promulages and then ordinary rank and file must die. You need facts, legal theory, and a forum. Both the facts and the emotions should be mentioned. I was crying for your daughter the first time I read one of your posts. Further research showed a different picture.

    My conclusion would be that your only forum now is public affairs which involves posting here. Money is not needed for that. This is a murky area.

    I wish you the best. Perhaps ways of memorializing your daughter with a fund in her name or some other manner. The Law is a very clumsy agent of justice.

  • Violia

    Prayers and hope to Lawrence , a long time board member who is out there actually trying to make a difference. Children lives are at stake as well as adults. If any changes are forced on the WTS they will be legal and involve money.

    hoping and praying someone will buy this lawsuit. 50/50 is a decent shot and the bad publicity would be priceless.

  • Lawrence Hughes
    Lawrence Hughes

    Hi Mickey,

    If the court costs are not payed soon, I will be forced to end the lawsuit. If someone is interested in buying the lawsuit and if they qualify to buy it, then I will spend the time and money to try and make that arrangement happen.


  • drewcoul

    Mr. Hughes,

    I am sorry that you will not be able to go forward with your crusade against this ridiculous doctrine of the Watchtower Society.

    I am not an expert in Canadian law, but in the U.S., you cannot be a party to a lawsuit unless you have "standing" which means you have to have suffered a loss as a result of the actions of the defendent. Are you sure you can "Sell" your lawsuit? Is there not another attorney who would be willing to take on the case on contingency?

    Best wishes,


  • Lawrence Hughes
    Lawrence Hughes

    Hi Drewcoul,

    I have contacted almost every lawfirm in Calgary. The lawfirms are only interested in representing a party on a contingency basis if they are absolutely convinced they will win. I am not suing on my own behalf but on the behalf of Bethany's estate. If the lawsuit is sucessfull, then I believe the damages that would be awarded to me could go to the person or persons who buy the lawsuit.

    Hi Band on the Run,

    I do not hate Jehovah's Witnesses. I love Jehovah Witnesses. I have family members who are Jehovah Witnesses. I feel sorry for Jehovah Witnesses. I want to help them and prevent them from bleeding to death.

    In recent threads, I did go into alot of detail about the facts of the case. I do not wish to bore people today with repeating the same information. I will just mention a few facts of the case. The issue before the courts is whether Bethany was capable of giving informed consent. As you may know the Watchtower Society , its lawyers and HLC members use co-ercion, intimidation, pressure and give inaccurate information about medical treatments.

    The doctors performed a battery of tests which showed that the desease was in remission. Bethany was scheduled to be discharged from the hospital when skin cancer was discovered on her back. The Head of Oncology testified in court, that the skin cancer was not life threatening and could be treated with radiation on an outpatient basis.

    Shane Brady, a Watchtower lawyer, sent a letter to Dr. Robert Turner asking him to treat Bethany with arsenic. The Watchtower lawyers convinced Bethany and her mother that arsenic would cure her skin cancer, took her into hiding and arranged for her to be fed the arsenic. According to the medical records, the arsenic gradually killed off the blood cells over a period of two months. Bethany went blind and the next day died of congestive heart failure. The World Expert of Pediatric Oncology, Dr. Arceci has testified in court that arsenic is not a cure for skin cancer and that Bethany would most likely be alive today if she had received proper medical treatment. The Defendants are saying that the leukemia returned. There is no evidence to support that claim. All the physical evidence proves that the leukemia was in remission. Even if the leukemia had returned, which it did not, Dr. Arceci has testified that arsenic is not a cure for that type of leukemia either.

    A panel of three justices at the Court of Appeal has decided unnanimously that there is sufficient evidence for this lawsuit to proceed to trial. The panel were noticably upset with the Watchtower lawyers giving Bethany medical advice and being involved with Bethany's treatments and hiding Bethany and refusing to tell Child Welfare or myself where they were hiding her.

    Ofcourse, any and all documents will be available for any prospective buyer or their lawyer to examine. I would be happy to email you the Statement of Claim, etc. Please email me at [email protected] I have not been able to find an electronic version of the Statement of Claim. If you explain to me how to copy and paste a pdf onto this thread, then I will do so.

    Thankyou for your comments and suggestions.


  • Hoffnung

    How much money do you estimate that the trial will cost?

  • Hoffnung

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