i urge you ALL to watch this video.

by dm6 11 Replies latest social entertainment

  • steve2

    An emotion-drenched, lovey-dovey, manipulative (soft piano in the background) conjob, urging adults to behave like children. The man's earnestness is a genuine turnoff. His message has a slightly creepy quality (i.e., fully turn your life over to another bigger and better being). There's a hair's breath of a difference between this man's message and a cult leaders. With that kind of 'fairyland mentality, hell, you could end up believing and doing anything. Meanwhile, the real world is waiting for us to join in every day life without child like promises and reassurances.

    Next time post a video that encourages people to use their thinking powers, grow up and take greater responsibility for their lives.

  • NewChapter

    Is dm6 being ironic here? Love the jeans---nice an earthy. He must really connect to the common person. The piano music was telling too. Did you notice the dramatic pause---for emphasis---in the music. And as the speaker got more excited and brought the point to a climax the music became louder?

    Emotional manipulation. Stage craft. the cross existed long before Christ and has many pagan connotations. Are pagan gods also holding us together?


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