I need advice/help. From those with teens to 'save' and from any teens on here too.

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  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Besides getting the legal stuff in order, you might want to be prepared on how to inform family, friends, and neighbors before your ex can start spreading lies about you and trying to get the police to harass you.

  • Ding

    Is there some sort of custody order in force already?

    You don't want to be violating that.

    Doing so would be really counterproductive.

  • jamiebowers

    Once you have your legal ducks in a row, take your daughter to a counselor, preferably one who understands cult indoctrination. This wil give her wings to fly.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Sorry it has taken long time to get back to this, our internet is at dial up speed right now and it don't play well with many sites.

    Nugget, Should she come here to live we will have some good talks on boundaries and things you mention. Fortunatley she is usualy an easy going and non demanding person...still, having been denied good access to the kids will make it a lot different with another person in the house. But, i will make whatever adjustments needed to enable her to be happy. Unfortunatly i will need to school her up on what to expect from her mother and the Jws. Working with my ex is impossible! If only our last mediation counselors could tell you!

    Mad Sweeny i will check out the link thankyou, and i do have the custody packet.

    Reble18, I see being supportive and non pushy as the only way. I just want her to be happy inside. Even if that means staying with her mum. But for that to work her mum has to be more like me, and i cant see that happening...I get really angry that she has to deal with this, I mean, teenagers have enough to deal with without feeling bad for not wanting to believe what her parents do about some invisible friend.

    Ding, there is a custody order in place with set (hard fought for) visitation. However, at 12 a child in australia has the legal right to declare whichever parent she wants to live with. And at 14 the courts wont even entertain getting involved with custody disputes, at best it would go back to mediation, this time with daughter involved. Legal advice shall be sought prior to anything happening if it needs to.

    Billy...no worries there...she has already bad mouthed me to all our previous friends and family! She knows none of our locals, and trust me, the police will hear from me first!

    Jamie, have thought already of a counselor...but one specialized as you say is an idea i hadnt thought of. I will do some searching.

    Thanks everone


    ps. phoned her tonight just to see how she is. She really didnt say anything as its hard when her mother is in the bloody room. Still, i get a little kick about being able to reach into the ex's perfect little world!

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