What would man be without woman

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  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    That's funy sooner!

  • irondork

    Three words:

    FAB U LOUS !!!

  • sinis


  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    I know I shouldn't take too seriously anybody who looks like this. He looks like Christopher Lloyd on Meth, but he was a heluva writer. I bought a book with a collection of his essays and aphorisms from the book store over the weekend, and his piece, On Women, is a classic. It's wrong on so many levels, but hilarious at the same time. Its tragic in the sense that it makes you go, "Wow, this is what they thought about women back then." The views on women back then were worse than the most misogynistic rap song you've ever heard. If you have a sense of humor though, you might enjoy some of the bits and pieces. I'd love to post the whole thing, but its way too long, and eloquently offensive if that's even possible. So here's some tidbits from a blog I found. I'm sure there's a pdf copy somewhere easy to locate on Mediafire or Megaupload.

    http://insomnia.ac/essays/on_women/ Arthur Schopenhauer On Women

    "You need only look at the way in which she is formed, to see that woman is not meant to undergo great labor, whether of the mind or of the body. She pays the debt of life not by what she does, but by what she suffers; by the pains of child-bearing and care for the child, and by submission to her husband, to whom she should be a patient and cheering companion. The keenest sorrows and joys are not for her, nor is she called upon to display a great deal of strength. The current of her life should be more gentle, peaceful and trivial than man’s, without being essentially happier or unhappier.

    Women are directly fitted for acting as the nurses and teachers of our early childhood by the fact that they are themselves childish, frivolous and short-sighted; in a word, they are big children all their life long—a kind of intermediate stage between the child and the full-grown man, who is man in the strict sense of the word. See how a girl will fondle a child for days together, dance with it and sing to it; and then think what a man, with the best will in the world, could do if he were put in her place.

    With young girls Nature seems to have had in view what, in the language of the drama, is called a striking effect; as for a few years she dowers them with a wealth of beauty and is lavish in her gift of charm, at the expense of all the rest of their life; so that during those years they may capture the fantasy of some man to such a degree that he is hurried away into undertaking the honorable care of them, in some form or other, as long as they live—a step for which there would not appear to be any sufficient warranty if reason only directed his thoughts. Accordingly, Nature has equipped woman, as she does all her creatures, with the weapons and implements requisite for the safeguarding of her existence, and for just as long as it is necessary for her to have them. Here, as elsewhere, Nature proceeds with her usual economy; for just as the female ant, after fecundation, loses her wings, which are then superfluous, nay, actually a danger to the business of breeding; so, after giving birth to one or two children, a woman generally loses her beauty; probably, indeed, for similar reasons.

    And so we find that young girls, in their hearts, look upon domestic affairs or work of any kind as of secondary importance, if not actually as a mere jest. The only business that really claims their earnest attention is love, making conquests, and everything connected with this—dress, dancing, and so on.

    The nobler and more perfect a thing is, the later and slower it is in arriving at maturity. A man reaches the maturity of his reasoning powers and mental faculties hardly before the age of twenty-eight; a woman at eighteen. And then, too, in the case of woman, it is only reason of a sort—very niggard in its dimensions. That is why women remain children their whole life long; never seeing anything but what is quite close to them, cleaving to the present moment, taking appearance for reality, and preferring trifles to matters of the first importance. For it is by virtue of his reasoning faculty that man does not live in the present only, like the brute, but looks about him and considers the past and the future; and this is the origin of prudence, as well as of that care and anxiety which so many people exhibit. Both the advantages and the disadvantages which this involves, are shared in by the woman to a smaller extent because of her weaker power of reasoning. She may, in fact, be described as intellectually short-sighted, because, while she has an intuitive understanding of what lies quite close to her, her field of vision is narrow and does not reach to what is remote; so that things which are absent, or past, or to come, have much less effect upon women than upon men. This is the reason why women are more often inclined to be extravagant, and sometimes carry their inclination to a length that borders upon madness. In their hearts, women think that it is men’s business to earn money and theirs to spend it—— if possible during their husband’s life, but, at any rate, after his death. The very fact that their husband hands them over his earnings for purposes of housekeeping, strengthens them in this belief."

  • JRK

    We would all be pathetic fap's, much like Freddie Franz. (Spunk backed up into our brains)


  • sabastious

    Death by masturbation sounds REALLY painful.


  • irondork

    Hmmm.... southpaw.

  • whathappened

    Men live like bears with furniture without us ladies.

  • flipper

    " Bears with furniture " I love it Whathappened ! Pretty good !

    I feel most of us men would be ignorant, uninformed dolts running around in a daze without women's touch, brains, and humor in our lives. They bring another positive dimension into our lives with their knowledge, wisdom, and sensitivity to issues we would otherwise either bury under the carpet or be unaware of . Women ? I love'em ! Especially the one I'm with - my wife ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Satanus

    Without women, there would be no porn. What would be the point of masterbating?


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