No, Virginia, the Elites/Illuminati/Whatever Aren't Winning!

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  • metatron

    I like to read crackpot theories in books or on the internet and I find that there is way, way too much confidence being placed in the rich, detached, corrupt leaders of our civilization.

    Whether they are an IMF chief bellowing, "Do you know who I am?" to a frightened, lying housekeeper, after leaving his "DNA" behind (on her uniform) or a bumbling President who can't remember his own daughter's age - or number of states in the Union, - these guys are humans like the rest of us. (unless you really think Queen Elizabeth is an alien reptile - who agonizes over her dumbass, inbred son, Charlie).

    Here are three reasons why the rich, elevated, international elite are clueless and running scared - or are too dumb or drunk to think otherwise:

    1) The Base of The Pyramid - OK, you're a rich guy who pulls the strings on human society. Here's a problem - your position on the great pyramid of power depends wholly on the contentment of the masses. Your wealth is in what, Euros? Dollars? Yen? Oh, pieces of paper that are supported only by compliant masses of little people who pay (or can't pay) taxes? Does that look secure these days? Do you think that these big shots are terrified by the examples of Argentina and now, Iceland - who told the Big Banks, other nations and IMF to 'drop dead, 'cause we ain't payin',and have suffered LITTLE for their refusal?

    2) The Freakin' Internet - so you control broadcast TV and newspapers? So what? Revolutions in the Middle East may have been triggered by Facebook! Our economy is ALREADY so intertwined with the internet, that you can't simply turn it off (see #1, above). And remember, the Internet was designed to be robust as a decentralized resource because it evolved from a Defense Dept. project called "ARPANET" to sustain a nuclear war or general breakdown. Good Luck controlling it!

    3) E=MC2 - Yep, it's that equation that Einstein made famous. It suggests that matter is a sort of condensed, solidified form of energy. So far, that energy can't be unlocked without a dangerous reactor or a mushroom cloud - but that could change at any moment, with new discoveries. If this area opened up - the results would be dramatic as Oil companies, Banks and whole nations collapse because individuals wouldn't need jobs, big governments or "leadership" to the extent they do today.

    There are other things that could be said but these are the biggies - people, information and energy. I get TIRED from endlessly hearing the common babble about politics and politicians when it is technology that will determine our future to the greatest degree.


  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    As sterile and un-charming as it sounds, technology DOES CHANGE EVERYTHING.... Especially at this point in history.

  • WTWizard

    All this assumes one major thing: People will not comply. Now, suppose we start initiating force? People can be enslaved through conquest--so far, consent is failing and will probably fail. People are not tricked into the global warming scam--even though they are still trying to play that card, it died with ClimateGate. People no longer think allopathic medicine is the only, or even the best, solution for medical problems (I could just as easily cure your cancer with an Internet search and common sense as they can using allopathic medicine). People do not have faith in the dollar. So the dollar or euro becomes toilet paper? They are also having a miserable time trying to hold silver prices down, wasting huge amounts of resources trying as it merely incites people to buy some more. And, we are seeing web sites exposing their schemes all the time. Hence, any attempt to seize control of the people and enslave them through consent is doomed to fail.

    Which leaves doing it through conquest. Doing that would require SWAT teams to raid everything. Already, we are seeing that cancer is not cured, despite that an Internet search and common sense would beat allopathic medicine. Why? Because it is illegal--just because I could do it doesn't mean I have a license, and it could be qualified as "practicing medicine without a license". Alternative energy sources are too tightly regulated by those in power, and they are not going to let go even though the people want it. Someone devises a way to unlock nuclear fusion, and it will be raided, bought and shut down, or regulated and taxed out of existence and anyone trying to use it will be imprisoned. Just because the threats of a stock market crash will not work to get Agenda 21+ in place, they will simply use the threat of assassination of leaders that do not comply.

    Any doubts? Just ask John F. Kennedy whose sole regret was that he only had one life to give for his country. He used it trying to dismantle the Fed. And that attempt did nothing. We are still stuck with the Fed--despite that JFK used his life up trying.

  • Judge Dread
    Judge Dread

    Yes, they are winning, you just need to take off the blinders.


  • metatron

    Uh.... perhaps you would care to offer some facts to support your conclusion? The situation in Greece, in particular, is a huge mess that undermines their whole economic order and control. They are stuck with wasting huge amounts of precious capital in a deflationary setting to prop up a society that is unproductive and corrupt.


  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    (unless you really think Queen Elizabeth is an alien reptile - who agonizes over her dumbass, inbred son, Charlie)

    Neil Gaiman's short-story "A Study in Emerald" addresses this. Highly recommended!

  • Judge Dread
    Judge Dread

    All of these "revolutionary movements" will not solve one economic problem.

    The people will still be forced to accept a lower standard of living.

    These movements will either fizzle out or when they get to a certain point, they will be crushed.


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Posters here have called me Illuminati and Bildenberger. I do have some elites in my life. When I took with friends with the same elites, no one feels in charge. I fail to see the power many assert. I don't believe these groups exist.

    I practiced on Wall ST. with a large law firm. I saw how money and power creates injustice. There is a big difference between a Harvard lawyer and a fly by night local school. I do feel I understand the process of power better than money but feel no mastery. So many establishment concerns have come crashing down. Yet there is no reason the general public cannot organize and pool money. A defeatist attitude is the problem.

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