Something a CO once said.

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  • cappytan

    "There are only three reasons you should miss a meeting. The three F's. Fever, Fracture or Funeral. Everything else is a sorry excuse. "

    Ever hear that one?

  • Divergent
    My 3 F's - Futile (what's the point?), Fading (I can't fade if I go), Freedom (to do whatever I want rather than listen to endless bullshit)
  • Wild_Thing

    Yes, I have heard that one and many more.

    Is it any wonder that Witnesses also sell Shaklee, Avon, etc.? If you've ever been to one of those types of meetings (especially Shaklee!) you know what I am talking about. It's all just a sales pitch, and they keep recycling the same tired sayings.

  • freemindfade
    1. Fake religion
    2. fake god
    3. full of s---
  • Divergent
    Good ones, freemindfade. Another fake which comes to mind is fake people. There are plenty in every cong!
  • yodastar
    Loving it so far. It's always a bit of fun when it's at the dubs expense no? CO's are just bludging a holes who stay at peoples house's drink there wine and eat their food ( did at ours anyways ). I heard this same CO from the stage with bulging neck veins who was cackling on about worldly influences call this old school pop music show (which we all watched as teenagers called Ready to Roll) Ready to Rape. OMG yes we all cringed - because it was ready to rape the minds of the youth. It was all we could talk about later and couldn't remember anything else he said.= Muppet.
  • Lieu

    "Kept men" tend to be naive to reality.

    ex. Paul, the single childless traveler, whined a lot about his hardships, whereas Peter, the family guy, not so much.

  • TheFadingAlbatros

    My 3 F's ... Just Kidding dixit

    And what about FIENDSHIP ( I mean a real one, not a WT fabricated one !)

  • stuckinarut2

    "Fiend" indeed albatros.....

    That is what the Kingdom Halls are full of!

  • nevaagain

    Our last CO spoke about meeting attendence in his last visit. He said something in this effect that we should not use holidays as an excuse to not go to meetings. That means, that we should check before we visit a country, if we could go to meetings there. And again, the only excuse to miss a meeting would be sickness. His excuse was, that if we missed a meeting and then Armageddon comes and we are banned, we wouldnt know where our next meeting would be.

    Now my wife got scared, we wanted to go a remote place again and now she wants to make sure that we can go to meetings there.

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