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  • Voices

    Okay so there's e-trade ...scottrade and all that. does anyone hold stocks? If so, which website have you found to be the best form of investment?

  • diamondiiz

    Use the company's site for your research and charts are your best tools for trading or even investing. As for websites, what are you looking for to find on them? I have couple sites that I read about the economic views and that's about it.

  • Voices

    if i can buy stocks for cheaper and still have the same resources ...i don't see why i should pay 10 bucks a stock if i can buy and sell for 4 ... i'm trying to capitlize on money

  • JerkhovahsWitless

    I've used a cheap broker that charges $4.95 per trade ($6.95 for stocks under $1) called Zecco. I don't mess with options, so I don't know remember what those fees were. I believe there's no minimum to open an account, but if you want a margin account, you need a $2,000 balance. While I was happy during my time at Zecco, I started to realize their trading software was terrible. (Being new to stocks, it took a little while to figure this out). If you want slightly better web-based software from them, you can pay about $20 a month. Considering $20 a month is nothing compared to other places trading fees if you do a lot of trading, it seems like a good deal. However, even that software was lacking. You can upgrade to good software through their website called Quote Steam, but the price for that is ridiculous. Once their system goofed and hit me with a margin call for close to $4,000. I had to call tech support to get that straightened out. Over all I'd say their support was decent, fees are low, software sucks. Oh, also the time it took to execute my orders was acceptable. I didn't like they finally released an iPhone app, but as of now there is still no Android app, which matters to me since I use an Android based phone.

    I saw the light and switched over to Think or Swim. Its $9.95 per trade, up to 5,000 shares, or you can choose a flat fee. Stocks under.. eh either $1 or $2 is $9.99 a trade for unlimited shares. Even though the price is higher, their desktop software makes it worth it. You can signed up at, download their software and try out paper trading if you want to give their software a go. The thinkDesktop software might come off as overwhelming at first, but there's video tutorials on how to use it. Something I find really useful is the top left corner shows how many day trades I have left (I don't meet the $25k day trading requirement, so seeing how many of my 3 DTs in a 5 rolling day period right in the software instead of trying to recall from memory or on a separate spreadsheet is very helpful). I can't possibly go into all of the features of the software. You really have to see it for yourself. They also have a web-based app. I haven't used it much, but it seems alright. Definitely better than Zecco's. Also, they have both iPhone and Android apps for mobile trading. E-mailing support with a question will usually get you a response in less than one hour. Right now I'm completely sold on Think or Swim. To open an account, you have to deposit at least $3,500 in your account. I wanted to fund my account ASAP and did a wire transfer, which they will refund to your account, up to $100.

    I still have my Zecco account open. Sometimes I use Think or Swim's software, and place the order on Zecco for a cheaper rate. ;) It comes in handy having another account that gives me 3 more day trades for the week. Also it helps having two accounts to avoid DT margin calls.

    Both Zecco and TOS will also allow you to trade Forex if you sign up.

    Other brokerages I'm aware of are Trade King. Never used it, but their software looks nice. $4.95 flat rate trading for stocks over $1. Stocks below that and their fees aren't good. I have seen a friend use Scottrade's software. It was better than Zecco's garbage, but its nothing compared to Think or Swim's software. Options House is another one I've heard of, but I have no experience with it. has reviews for brokers, training, websites, all kinds of things. You can even get reviews of other traders who offer services that let you follow their trades for a monthly fee.

  • Judge Dread
    Judge Dread

    Scottrade is pretty good.

    If you have $25,000 or more, you can use their Scottrade-Elite which is a great, great platform for trading. Instant execution for stocks and options.

    If you don't have 25 grand, it's still pretty good.

    $500 to open an account.


  • diamondiiz

    I use tradefreedom and really like it. Web platform is always free but don't like that. The other platform is good and free after 10 or 25 trades a quarter which is nothing to make and with something like 20 quarter trades you get some other free goodies like free level2 feed. I've used them for the last 7 or so years and am quite happy using them.

  • botchtowersociety

    I use TD Ameritrade/ThinkorSwim. But I don't "trade," really. The short term stuff doesn't interest me.

  • trevor

    I live in the UK and use T D Waterhouse and Barclay's.

  • elder-schmelder

    I use E*Trade, I have been happy with them, but I dont think they are the cheapest.


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