jerkovah is a perfect f*ckup..........

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  • Vachi 8 He Is
    Vachi 8 He Is

    and he gets in the way, or at least he has. He watched satan watching Adam and Eve and him being able to read hearts KNEW jealousy was building within him, did he do anything? Nope. Inaction is an action within itself. He puts a tree down on Earth and says "don't eat". The tree being perfect I have to ask if that tree was any more perfect than any other perfect tree in looks? I mean for Eve to look at it and see "that it was desirable to look upon" it would have to look more special than the other trees, or else she'd be looking at your average run-of-the-mill perfect tree. If the tree absolutely had to be there why didn't god put it in some obscure, bothersome to get to area? Like growing out of the side of a cliff for example. If that wasn't possible then, if it were me, I would've made the tree bear fruit that looked, from a human standpoint, ugly. It would have been a perfectly flawed tree one that A&E would look at and go "Shi- I ain't eatin' that" and that way they would've, or at least stand a better chance in "obeying" jerkovah.

    He helps in the birthing of animosity between Cain and Abel by ignoring Cain's efforts and praising Abel's.

    He scrambles the languages at Babel effectively making the "preaching work" that much harder. He kills Lot's wife because she turns to LOOK at Soddom & Gommorah's destruction. Even if she ditched Lot and ran back, what could she REALLY go back to? The place was leveled.

    He causes she-bears to attack a group of people because they stated the obvious that a prophet was bald and he was going up on the mountain. Yes it may have been teasing the prophet but he was in fact bald and was going up on a mountain.

    Even now, the hiding of the date of Armeggedon, what for? What could possibly happen if we knew the date? Yes some people would go and do what they wanted til the time came but god supposedly can read hearts. Wouldn't he be able to weed through the ones who did it just to be saved from the ones who did it because they came around truthfully to righteousness? Any thoughts?

  • Sam Whiskey
    Sam Whiskey

    Too bad he allowed you into the gene pool....

    Need a tissue?

  • bohm

    A special thanks to Sam Whiskey for giving us a taste of christian appoletics as taught in trailer-park U.

  • Reality79



    With the Adam and Eve story, I never bought that stupid example the wts made about God being able to switch off his frequency like someone choosing not to listen to a radio (something like that anyway), therefore he could have chose not to watch what was happening in the Garden of Eden. Of course he conveniently just happened to turn a blind eye, considering there weren't any other people on earth existing to be concerned about!!! He then blames THEM - two humans with absolutely no backlog of life experience at all - for eating of the fruit from the tree he enticed them with in the first place in order to "test their love and obedience" for him!

    Besides, how can something that's perfect suddenly become imperfect? How can the desire to do bad come into the heart of something/someone that would never have known the concept of evil in the first place???

    Adam was rightly pissed off when he realised he got set up, but I'm supposed to believe he's the bad guy?

    So as imperfect humans, we can't produce pefection, but someone that's perfect can produce imperfection.....HUH?!?!?!

  • transhuman68

    There never was a Jehovah, or a chosen people- just two small kingdoms noted for growing wine and olive oil, with a heritage of myths and half-truths that they kept updating and adding to.

    You can't blame a non-existent god.

  • cantleave

    Great post Vachi - reflects my feelings perfectly.

  • Vachi 8 He Is
    Vachi 8 He Is

    .....and then he says "Need a tissue"! Lol I gotta tell you I almost died laughing. Classic, but not really. That's your good 'ol red herring but I'll bite. You caught me in a good mood. Genepool? Really? Whiskey, you put some Cracker Barrel cheese or other perishable foods in a warm and moist place, over time what happens? Bacteria festers and grows into what we call mold. Humans can reproduce, we're supposed to. god doesn't have his finger on the button saying who's born and who isn't. But yeah, too bad he let ME in huh? And your reason for saying this is what? Ah because I questioned his motives? Questioning him in fact at least in your estimation. Make no mistake, I don't apologize where no apology is needed, least of all to a lazy, invisible slumlord of a deity. If on my journey I should encounter god, then god will be cut.

  • Reality79


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