Serving where the need is great, in Utah.

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  • jam

    A nice visit with my daughter and her family yesterday, (JW,s).

    She told me next month they will be serving in Utah for four

    days because the need is great. Have anyone here had experiences

    in working in Utah? Are there A large number of JWs in Utah. My

    daughter lives in Vages she attend the CA and DA in Utah.


    JW`s moving to a Bible Belt because "The Need is Great"..


    Thats just..


    mutley-ani1.gif image by GeneralWaco ...OUTLAW

  • jam

    Outlaw; When she told me this I thought the same, this is crazy.

  • GOrwell

    Cult members trying to convert a different cults' members to another cult.. it's like being on merry-go-round.. without the Merry.

  • jam

    Just imagine the conversation, The Mormon, My book of

    Mormon tell me Lehi, (the JW) Lehi, who is Lehi he is

    not in my Bible, you have A book some man found. My

    book tell me A man name Russell was pick by Jehovah

    to bring truth to mankind. The Mormon, who is Jehovah?

    In the book of Nephi we are told, (JW) Nephi, who in the

    hell is Nephi? You are pulling names out of your butt.

  • Snoozy

    I do know that Utah is beautiful..but a story about dome JW friends that "Moved to be where the need was greater" was a lady that I was friends with and her kids and mine played together..(all JW's). Her husband was meek but had not been interested in becoming a JW at that time. He had saved for years so he could retire but hated the thought of the government getting a lot of it for taxes so he decided to move to Australia. This was back in the 70's. She told everyone they were moving "where the need was great"..when in reality it was because hubby didi't want the government getting their hands on his money..

    Like they always say, follow the money! It's almost always about the money!


  • unshackled

    Good luck with that....JWs converting a state full of Mormons. The Dubs and Mormons should just merge. They're so similar.

  • Chariklo
    The Dubs and Mormons should just merge. They're so similar.

    Now that would be interesting, a JW/Mormon hybrid religion!

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    In the 1960s (1962, I believe), my new bride and I joined a group of young JWs who went to Utah during the early summer to Witness for a week in remote areas.

    It was kind of cool, but uncomfortable as hell. The first couple of nights we camped out in one of the national parks (I think it was Zion). Some slept in the cars we came in, a couple had tents. My wife and I shared a big sleeping bag. We later had to move it to the top of a picnic table because there were rattlesnakes and other creepy crawlies that we had to beware of. We'd shower in the park's restrooms and then drive out of the park to some long forgotten small town with about 35 - 40 people. Witnessing was a waste of time, but we got a good education out of our trip.

    In those days, many of the Mormon families lived in houses that were about 80% underground. It was weird walking up to a home that looked like it had just collapsed and walk "down the porch." I'm not sure about now, but in those days, underground houses were still quite common in the remote areas. (UC Davis financed and built several "green homes" in the same category in the Sacramento, California area in the 1970s and 80s.)

    The Mormons were all very nice, but dealing with them was a lot like trying to preach to JWs. Their religion was also their culture and cult. Everyone up, down, and sideways in their family trees were Mormons. To even suggest that they consider another religion was out of the question. So they would end up preaching to us instead of us preaching to them.

    Basically our 4-5 days in service were just part of an educational experience for all of us. It was exhausting in every sense of the word and totally fruitless. It was like going to Afghanistan and trying to preach to the Taliban. Most of us came home tired and sick. My kidneys were a mess because the water was so alkaline and there was no place to pee. I had strep throat and a 104 fever when we got back to Southern California. My wife had been on her period the whole time, so she was a mess and miserable.

    Not fun. Not productive. Even now, I think most of the JWs are just in the larger cities like Salt Lake, Provo and Ogden where there are a lot of non-Mormon residents. But out in the country - not many. Living out there and being anything but a Mormon would make you outcasts.


  • jam

    Thanks JV for sharing your experiences. A look inside of

    Mormon country. A waste of time for my daughter and

    her family.

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