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  • focariedu21

    just had the last of my sibblings treating my dad like dirt. My younger sister recently conveyed to me that my other sibblings jws of course will not give dad any money to purchasde a pair of shoes for himself to wear at my daughters wedding as he has a pair of sandals he can wear, all this just to piss me off . They have power of attorney over his estate and collect all the money and ever since mum passed away in a nursing home that they arranged for her and dad because they wouldn't look after him nor allow myself nor my younger sister to look after him and ever since then he cant even buy a lolly pop for himself. My self and younger sister have given him everything we possibly can to keep him confortable and bought him a suit for my daughters wedding but we thought we would just test them to see how corrupt and cruel they really are by leaving ouT the shoes and getting them to buy it. Our suspicions were right th're as cruel as you can get, not only did they destroy our relationship and took me to court to revoke my (poa) but they killed my mum in a short span of time placing her in home and now dad too. I ma not very goodd at composing letters so what I am asking is you guys "MY ONLY FRIENDS" to "HELP" me do this...write a letter to the (BOE) as I would like to post it on their board in the kingdom hall for all to see as this really disgusts me and one for the society.


    your true brother

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    I don't think anyone can write it for you. It's in your heart. If you write a draf I'm sure some here will help edit. You can do it!

  • focariedu21

    Found sheep; is that really you in the pic? and thanks for the advice


  • RagingBull

    You may not want to post a letter at the KH. It would be wise not to have the Elders in your personal family business. You should speak to your father about getting a lawyer to represent you and your father in his wishes. Has he made a Last Will and Testament? If not, do he should do so. Are you included in it? Find out. Document all of your dealings with your father and siblings. Keep receipts, forms (insurance, bills, etc.) for any expenses. This way you can PROVE all that you have done for your father.

    Good Luck

  • Yan Bibiyan
    Yan Bibiyan


    Sorry to hear about your ordeal. No parent should be treated like that.

    If I am not mistaken, the POA can be revoked. As long as your father is not incompetent, PoA giveth-PoA taketh. I am not a lawyer and don't really know your situation, but it may be something to consider.

    I understand the shoes were a test, but if dad can't afford it maybe a thrift store or another affordable way can be the way to go.

    Good luck and don't forget to keep your daughter's big day focused on her!


  • focariedu21

    I really appreciate all your suggestions!!

    Raging Bull: no i am not included in the will as my sibblings tricked both my parents into changing the will without their consent and forged mums signuture infact when I found out I called the solicitor and had a few words with him threatened to take him to the bar (law society) and no I cant afford to revoke the poa as last time it cost me thousands to battle it out with them in court as I had already revoked it the first time because they abandoned both of them and I ended up looking after them for three and half years.

    Yan Bibiyan: As above and yes my dad can afford it as they sold his home and banked all his money in their own account but they wont give him a cent...just hitler cruel is the way to describe these people together with their husbands and not only that but the're rich financially, greed is a powerful force

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    tiss me are you a green monster?

  • focariedu21

    Found Sheep; just a beautiful photo!!

  • Haulin Oats
    Haulin Oats

    Lols @ Sheep. And I'm Judge Rutherphony drunk-texting from my cadillac while speeding thru the streets near Beth Sarim.

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    Thanks! I too was a blue monster till a few months ago. No texting and driving now judge!

    I was thinking about your situation. You are trying to reason with a cult. That isn't posable. Let go of the anger do what you cn for your Dad and enjoy the special day with your daughter! Love is stronger then hate!

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