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  • faundy

    Rebel has every right to stand up and say she is skeptical of people asking for money on the Internet. You make yourself less trustworthy by your defensive attitude and the strange fact that there is no accessible information regarding the project.

    No investor within their right mind would hand over money without a clear, easily-researched basis of the facts.

    Rebel isn't an investor. She's a shrewd member of the general public who shouldn't have to be guilted into handing you a penny.

  • Alfred

    I'm sorry I posted this thread...

    it was just something that popped up on my Goggle Alerts and I thought I'd share it...

    never thought it would cause any friction... sorry

  • NewChapter

    Alfred, from what I can tell, you didn't do anything to cause friction. That came later.


  • Alfred

    NC... I believe you're right... I feel much better now... thanks!

  • Reader1

    Off course she has every right to be skeptical. No problem at all. However, I also have every right to point out the short-comings in her skeptical attitude.

    The information is accessible. The producer is watching the posts on the newspaper article, like I pointed out earlier. If someone wants to get involved, then contact him. It's not rocket science. IF somebody is interested and has the means to invest, then they will get the same presentation that every other investor gets.

    Nor am I trying to guilt her into handing me, nor anybody else, a penny. I am merely pointing out where she missed the point.

    Defensive? Fucking right! I was the one that was basically called a chalatan by someone that does not have all the facts. She didn't even bother to ask one simple question.

    Skeptical? Skeptics search for answers. She was just judgmental. There is a difference.

  • Scully

    Financial solicitation of any kind on this forum should be presented to the site owner prior to posting.

    This thread is locked for that reason.

    Kindly refer to: http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/forum/announcements/151805/1/Getting-the-forum-back-on-track

    we will no longer be allowing ANY solicitations for donations or funds from the forum without prior consent, no matter how well intentioned or well deserving the cause may appear to be as time and again it appears to cause trouble.

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