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  • up on the mountain
    up on the mountain

    Hi! This is John from NY - first I want to thank those of you who welcomed me into the group. This is my second post. I have never been a JW, but have always been interested in their theology and things religious.... I have a degree in theology and have always been interested in religion....I have been going to the Convention in PA for 32 years. I like to call this Convention>>>The Mother of All Conventions. Have met so many beautful people..most of the ex-JWs givng their testimony as to how they came out of the Organization. Every testimony is special and unique...I have especially been interested in those ex-JWs who were born into the "Organization" and the mark that is has left them and will be with them always.....when they come out of the "Organization" Well let me go - I have a Facebook Page>>>John Engese. Take care>>>>>John

  • MrFreeze

    Welcome! I too am in Pennsylvania. But I havent been to any conventions. I am not religious at all anymore.

  • White Dove
    White Dove


    It's nice to you.

    Welcome to the board.

    I'm a born-in and you can read my story on topics posted when you click on my name.

    I have a degree in sociology and am also interested in religions of the world.

    To me, it seems they morphed into businesses to make money and control people, at least the more organized ones who preach and convert and have laws.

    The pagan religions seem to be more about explaining the mysterious and making sense of it, understanding that which nurtures us.

    I'm pagan, Wiccan. It's home for me.

  • TotallyADD

    Welcome up on the mountain to the board. I to was a born-in. I posted my story back in Jan. of this year. My wife and I have recently moved to NW PA. What convention are you talking about were you talk to Ex JW? It is nice to have a educated person as yourself on relgion on the board. Great having you here. Totally ADD

  • maksym

    Welcome to the forum,

    I was a born-in as a member the Watchtower religion known as Jehovah's Witnesses. I was a believer for about 40 years of my life. I also have a college education from Liberty University and have studied ancient Christianity in good depth. It has been about 6 years now since I escaped.

    I have moved on completely and currently I'm an active believer in Christ, and have another faith as an Eastern Orthodox Christian. I don't have any permanent scars that I'm aware of, nor do I believe that leaving the Watchtower religion will leave people with permanent damage either, except if we let it.

    Good therapy, prayers, faith, humility, patience and some time will heal all these things. God restores those that have suffered. He will give abundant mercy and strength to wipe out every tear in our eyes and restore us.

    In Christ


  • sizemik

    Welcome to the forum . . . nice to see your interest and hear your perspective

  • kazar


  • mouthy

    John Engese I think you mean John Englese...I met you at the Convention
    It is the Joan Cetnar one "Witnesses Now for Jesus "

  • mouthy

    BUMP!!!! for newcomers

  • Heaven

    Hi John and welcome. I was born in but never baptized. My female teenage self (and now my female adult self) could not/cannot accept subjugation nor the frightening blood policy (back in my day is was absolutely forbidden) and the general load of interpretation of scripture I didn't agree with as well as this organization's obvious extension beyond scripture to suit their agenda. Oh ... and... the math just never added up for me.

    Religion as a whole disinterests me as I see it as a force to stunt human growth, keep us isolated from one another, and to do harm. All you need is one wacko in any position of authority in these groups and the whole thing becomes very ugly as history attests to time and again.

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