i´m confused

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  • varian

    the more i learn, the less i know.

    i have, a while back, mentioned this in a topic before. so sorry if i´m repeating myself.

    as a jw, i thought i had a good understanding of the bible. but nowadays, i really do not know what to think.

    for example: i compare the old and new testament, and say to myself "what´s the real manner of god?" on the one hand a wrathfull god, who would kill anyone in his way, and then you read jesus´words about loving kindness, forgiveness and so forth. i just don´t get the point.

    also, if there is a true religion, why would god make it so damn complicated to understand? why would he allow false prophesies, and weird doctrines about blood and changing teachings??? i´m confused...........

  • zeroday*

    I will speak for myself only when I say at one point I was exactly where you are now. Instead of trying to figure out the true nature of God I decided to research the bible itself. I came to the conclusion that the bible is nothing more than words of man and the God and Jesus of the bible are just another creation of man to worship what they don't see and don't know. Man has been inventing and reinventing God thru out the history of man...

  • varian

    thank you zeroday.

    for me it´s hard to believe, that god created us intelligent beings, and then just let us do what we think is correct.

    and all that, just because the first humans sinned against god? how do we know what´s right and what is wrong? what can a simpleminded person like myself do to please god? or is it enough to be goodhearted? i just haven´t got a clue.

  • baltar447

    Damn, I'd swear you were reading my EXACT thoughts on this just yesterday!

  • flipper

    VARIAN - Your statement " I'm confused. " Join the crowd, we ALL are ! Life is all about learning ( among other important things ) , it's a never ending process which keeps us connected to realities as we get older. If you find the Bible hard to understand try reading Psychology or philosophy books. I've actually received better life affirming information from those types of books than the Bible actually. Just my 2 cents

  • GiveMeAnAspirin

    Hi varian,

    Do you believe that goodness matters? For that is a pivotal question. If goodness does matter then the next question to tackle is "What is good?"

    I spent some time in hospital in 2002, with a gall bladder problem [it's been fixed]. During that time I decided that goodness does matter and I read the Gospel according to saint Matthew; that was enough to set me on the road to faith in Jesus Christ. I am sceptical about folk who claim to have all the answers and also about folk who think that the bible will tell us everything we need to know or want to know. I spent a long time (several years) thinking about what matters most in life, what is good, what isn't, and how I could ever figure it out. During that time I read a Catholic catechism for adults called THE TEACHING OF CHRIST. Through its teaching and also with the bible and common sense as guides I decided in 2005 to become a Catholic - I have not regretted that decision for a moment.

    I don't think you'll find a perfect church or an infallible method of interpreting the bible but I do encourage you to think about the issues that matter most in life and to investigate alternatives to JWs and go-it-alone bible interpretation.


  • varian


    so, we are soulmates? :-)

    mr flipper:

    thanks for your kind reply.

    actually, ive read loads of stuff about philosophy and evolution. you name it: kant, hegel, dawkin, marx, einstein.......god knows.

    but i still tend to turn in circles. for me, life did´t evolve through chance. i know it´s not popular to say this, but i just can´t believe in anything else. so why is god making it so difficult?

    hmmmm....it´s driving me nuts.

  • transhuman68

    Try this old book- it's worth a read: http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/6928

  • thetrueone

    The gods were necessary part of ancient civilizations for the gave answer to the many unknown mysteries of the world they lived in,

    ( the Sun, the Moon, lightening, thunder, earthquakes, devastating floods...etc. )

    even to the extent of cultures that exist today.

    They were also created for the sole benefit of the ones who originally created and worshiped them.

    God Yahweh for example promised that those that worship him will be granted Paradise with no death or pain for a thousand years.

    Mind you in the process of doing this he's going to have to kill alot of people who've chosen to worship his son more than him.

    Not to mention all the people who were worshiping other gods.

  • varian


    thank you too for your answer!

    the weirdest thing i ever expirienced, was a jw i studied with. at the time he was a special pioneer, later on he became a c.o., and finally ended up in bethel.

    he was the most intelligent jw i have ever met. he had answers to all questions you could imagine.

    but he left the truth, and became involved with the catholic church. it´s a pitty that i can´t manage to cantact him, and ask what made him do that decision. it´s so weird....i have no words............

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