What If You Asked Them to Deduct "Field Service" Time For You?

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  • OnTheWayOut

    My Minimus-like question:

    Suppose a JW knocks at your door and you tell him/her, "I heard that JW's do their door-to-door and study work to 'count their time.' I cannot stand the idea of someone calling on me just to mark down some credit with their religion. I don't even feel right if you promised me you would not 'count the time' you are here at my home because you would just take out the hour you spend here and you would still be getting some 'time' out of it. Tell you what- I will agree to a study if you absolutely do not report the time at my home and you deduct a half-hour from your total. That way I know you won't be here just to get your time, but to actually do your work of teaching the Gospel."

    Would any pioneers agree to this? You could reason that they say 'time' is not the important thing, but the assignment from Jehovah. He would see the time and effort even though it's not reported. Would any publishers that don't get out much agree to this?

    I know their organization would balk at this if they knew about it, claiming they keep track for their own reasons and such demands throw off the count, but how would the publisher or pioneer handle this?

  • blondie

    They would tell you that they would not count it but count it anyway since you are not entitled to the truth (not THE TRUTH).

  • sir82
    Would any pioneers agree to this?

    Maybe some inexperienced, fresh-out-of-high-school, ultra-naive JW pioneer would, but most pioneers would consider that someone with such a "brazen" attitude, and such an intimate knowledge of JW field service time-keeping techniques, is a full-blown apostate (or at the very least in contact with them) and would drop the study like it was a nuclear device.


    They would lie to get the study,then pad the time..

    Theocratic Warfare Strategy..Screw Everybody 4 Jehovah!..

    .................... ...OUTLAW

  • sooner7nc

    They would tell you to go f*** yourself, and then count the time every month for the next year.

    In other words, they would be your typical JW pieces of shit.

  • Chariklo

    Yup, they'd count it anyway. And they'd count the time getting to you and leaving you. And when they had coffee afterwards they'd find some way to do something meaningful for Jehovah so that they could count that time too. At least, a lot of the ones I know would. That's what they did.

  • WTWizard

    They might agree, and then welsh on it. You will never see them write the number and report your study anyways--they don't want you taking them to court for welshing on their deal.

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