Interesting experience at my Buddhist Kaikan

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  • foster

    So I converted to Buddhism in 1990. SGI to be specific. So we had some visitors lately from a local Synagogue it appears that there is some "New Light" taking place in the Jewish faith. There are now members and leaders and some scholars that are defining God as not an intellectual being but as a force or Law. A universal force that does not take judgment more cause and effect.

    This is really interesting which is why they came to our center as this is what Buddhism teaches after services they asked for someone to come and present an overview of the teaching so they and their congregation (if that is the right word) could better understand this concepts and its effect on their religion. Gives me thoughts to ponder....

  • cantleave

    People everywhere are beginning to wake up and realise that the almighty sky daddy is a myth!

  • Satanus

    It was a decade ago, or so, when buddhism became quite popular among some jews. They called them juboo's, or something like that.


  • wobble

    The jewish concept of EN Sof is not far removed from the Buddist view, and goes back centuries.

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