a CLEAR view is only possible if you can change your position

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  • Terry

    There is a better way to see things clearly. Change where you are standing.

    If you are on a flat highway, for example, looking ahead narrows your view of the road to a tiny point in the distance.

    Perspective is, after all, a function of position in space.

    The same is true of time.

    Experience in life is like that highway stretching out behind where you are NOW.

    Experience is KNOWN.

    There is the highway yet ahead which remains to be traveled. It narrows to that tiny point and vanishes from view.

    The PAST has, indeed, PASSED. The future remains to be seen.

    But, using what we know of the past which we have experienced provides us with an opportunity.

    We can change our position to see more clearly.


    We can compare the past with the present to magnify our view of the future.

    How does this work?

    When Charles Taze Russell, or Judge Rutherford, or Fred Franz published magazines, pamphlets and books about FUTURE matters.....the future they spoke about HAD NOT YET HAPPENED.

    Whatever they wrote could well be true.

    What reasons they gave could be sound ones.

    What sources they quoted could have been clear and reliable; their interpretation of them could be correct.

    NOBODY KNEW FOR SURE.....unless.....they exercised total and complete FAITH.

    At that point they as good as KNEW for sure! At least they ACTED as though.....it were known for sure.

    Trusting these men, the Organization, the so-called TRUTH was a commitment. It was a beautiful demonstration of "assured expectation of things hoped for..." and the road ahead narrowed to an unseen tiny point.


    Let us fast-forward in time! We can do that. Yes!

    Because those men spoke IN THE PAST.

    We can change our position because we are IN THEIR FUTURE!

    We KNOW what goes past that narrow point in their highway. IT IS PART OF OUR EXPERIENCE where, for them, it was IN THE FUTURE.

    What does our change of position do for us?

    What does our experience instruct us to know for certain?

    This: we KNOW MORE now than they possibly could back then because WE HAVE SEEN THEIR FUTURE!

    We KNOW.

    So, if we speak with clarity and criticize the mistakes, errors, bad interpretations and awful advice it is with AUTHORITY we speak.

    Those men were dead wrong. And now, they are dead.

    The beautiful commitment of those who exercised faith in their words HAS BEEN PROVED WRONG too.

    It is not an act of apostacy to declare a fact as a fact.


    APOSTACY is changing your position for a clearer view.

    It is a simple thing to compare the actual past with what somebody asserted about events which never happened.

    It is a no-brainer to prove what did NOT happen.

    What is TRUE must stay current with all possible updates in an ongoing comparison between prediction, opinion and ACTUAL HAPPENING.

    That road continues to stretch out ahead of us.

    If somebody is sitting in the backseat reading from a map you can usually trust what they say.

    BUT, IF THAT MAP IS OUT-OF-DATE it is unreliable to base your trip on what the map indicates.

    How much more ridiculous of you to trust the "back seat driver" if they only THINK THEY HAVE AN ACTUAL MAP!

    Jehovah's Witnesses have allowed the Governing authority at Bethel to sit in the backseat reading from an imaginary roadmap.

    The map, they claim, was given to them by God Almighty who surely must know the road ahead.

    Okay. Maybe yes, maybe no...........UNTIL YOU PASS OVER FROM PAST TO FUTURE.

    Then, what was once an invisible point in the distance becomes a CLEAR FACT as it passes under you into the past.

    Unless pass from what MAY BE to what WAS NOT you don't know and can't know what is true.

    But, when you do know....what then?

    An unreliable map is worthless.

    How long, logically, should you wait for an expired map to become accurate?

    How much should you trust an imaginary map?

    Apostacy is a changing of one's position. When that change goes from potential future to known past it becomes a FACTUAL POSITION.

    Speakng from fact is UNASSAILABLE.

    No opinion is involved.

    If you choose to state facts about the errors of Watchtower leaders which ocurred in the past YOU CANNOT BE WRONG.

    Any member of the Jehovah's Witnesses who won't listen to facts about the proven past is not a person OF FAITH.

    They are a deliberately ignorant fool.

    A wise person compares facts with claims and always goes with facts.

    As former Jehovah's Witnesses our foundation is proven truth because what we declare HAS ALREADY HAPPEND.

    Present day Jehovah's Witnesses cannot refute the past. They can only ignore the past by seeking refuge in that tiny distant point nobody can yet see

    and claiming an unprovable.

    Being an Apostate means we are able to see what a lie is and change our position.

    Being a JW means we are unable to face the known and must hide inside the unknown, the invisible and the imaginary.

  • agonus

    Here's some clarity for you Terry:

    When the Watchtower apostasizes (apostatizes?) from its own teachings, it's called "New Light".

    When YOU apostasize from the Watchtower's teachings, it's called "blasphemy".

    Capiche, paisano? ;)

  • Terry

    Think of it this way:

    We can stand FACE to FACE with Fred Franz, Nathan Knorr, Judge Rutherford, Pastor Russell and speak with AUTHORITY because we live in THEIR FUTURE.

    We speak TRUTH to their SPECULATION.

    Nobody can deny our standing, our foundation our facts BECAUSE they already happened.

    So, if we call them out and accuse them of pretentious fear-mongering and lying about their channel from God; WE CANNOT BE WRONG.

    This is what the Governing Body fears most: we will be able to clearly communicate the total lack of true authority in these so-called LEADERS.

  • agonus

    No doubt. The problem is, when you acknowledge "apostasy" as a potentially GOOD thing that allows you to point up the falsehoods of the previous era, the WT will just smile and say something like, "It's true that Jehovah's direction was not fully discerned in the past, but His organization is progressive. We've abandoned previous false understandings as His chariot is continually on the move." Ta da. Their apostasy is just as valid in the mind of John Q. Dub.

    Whatta ya gonna do? Maybe we should just say we're the guys at the finish line holding the checkered flag, eagerly awaiting the Chariot's arrival since we know it'll come in first anyways.

  • Terry

    No doubt. The problem is, when you acknowledge "apostasy" as a potentially GOOD thing that allows you to point up the falsehoods of the previous era, the WT will just smile and say something like, "It's true that Jehovah's direction was not fully discerned in the past, but His organization is progressive. We've abandoned previous false understandings as His chariot is continually on the move."

    The positioning is key.

    A politician makes a horrible lapse in judgement and is caught. How do they position it? By recontexting! The focus is placed elsewhere: the future!

    "Let us move forward to the problems facing America." The future is a better position when the past smells to high heaven.

    The key question for Watchtower leaders needs positioning.

    To wit: WHEN VIEWED FROM NOW looking back over 97 years: why was previous "LIGHT" always wrong and in constant need of brightening"

    If "Truth" is true it won't need changing!

    If you had an accountant plunge your business into bankruptcy you would never accept as an excuse: "I'm getting better and better at my job. In the future I'll be a great accountant!"

    Why? The damage has been done. Credibility is ruined.

    Pointing to future promises in view of past incompetence is a fool's argument.

    Rule of thumb when dealing with any JW: IMMEDIATELY REPOSITION EVERY ARGUMENT. Look backward on what has ACTUALLY HAPPENED compared to what was PROMISED IN ADVANCE.

    This is the predictor of future confidence.

  • thetrueone

    For anyone who takes a thorough look back at this religious publishing house, they can clearly see that the expressed New light

    had all of the containment to attract and control people to their own will and desire and that was of course the proliferation of their

    literature. Religious charlatans they were indeed.

    The believers were exploited under a spirituous appeal to do God's will and purpose and the impression was deliberately made that god

    was using their organization to fulfill this purpose. Very much a calculating scheme I would say, that was both empowering and financially procuring

    to these self identifying special men. You can still hear people like Joe Rutherford laughing in his grave.

  • Terry

    If a newbie doesn't look too closely at the plainly wrongful predictions of JW's, it can seem gloriously refreshing that Jehovah's Witnesses can admit

    they CHANGE when they are wrong.

    But, being caught in broad daylight is not a virtue. Blurting out you'll do better next time is more the mindset of a serial offender than a true penitent.

    If mommy catches you lying, then, you ARE a liar.

    If you tell your Mom, "Daddy said it was okay if I eat sweet before bedtime.." you aren't JUST a liar. You are also guilty of speaking in the name and authority of your Father wrongfully! This is FRAUD.

    If a guy named Pete tells you the world will end on a certain day and it doesn't happen that one is on Pete.

    But, if Pete calls himself an official representative of the NATIONAL ACADEMY of SCIENCE and nothing happens; guess who is going to get the blame?

    By officially representing themselves as NOT SPEAKING JUST FROM THEIR OWN OPINIONS, Jehovah's Witnesses can put all their mistakes, lies, wrong interpretations and other hurtful nonsense at the foot of Almighty God JEHOVAH!

    Isn't that something to be proud of? Misrepresentation of the authority of God can only be viewed as BLASPHEMY over the course of a century.

    There is no way to escape that charge by claiming: "The lies are getting better!"

  • transhuman68

    The Watchtower has always tried to be relevant to their current generation of followers, and have applied Bible meaning to nations and events existing and happening at the time. 'New Light' is just transferring supposed Bible prophecy to new events and objects as the happen over time. Watchtower interpretations are always relevant, and always worthless.

  • agonus

    And then there's the problem with the WT's current truth claims hinging on prior truth claims. "God exists", "Jesus was his Son", and "The Bible is inspired" are acknowledged by many, if not most, Christians to be matters of faith rather than fact and are therefore not falsifiable. A misleading statement regarding what Pastor Russell and/or the Bible Students taught regarding 1914 is a much more tangible indictment.

  • Terry

    The claims of 1914 were tabulated based on 606 b.c.e.

    When it was pointed out that there is no zero year, magically, it was changed to 607 b.c.e. just so that they could maintain 1914!

    Now there is honesty we can all live with!

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