Are there any Apostate get togethers in london in 2011

by Star tiger 3 Replies latest jw friends

  • Star tiger
    Star tiger


    I love talking to you guys online but would feel extremely proud if I could talk to some of you in person!

    Star Tiger

  • wobble

    Their is "Drinks by the River" Apostameet on Saturday July30th at The Riverside Pub, Vauxhall, London from 4pm on till late.

    Good Pub,right next to the Thames, does good food too.

    Terri O'Sullivan , who organizes, is on F' Book too.

    I hope to be there, Mrs Wobble too I think.

  • cantleave

    At least one of us will be there!!!

  • cantleave

    Star Tiger - there is live chat every FRiday on at 8pm. It is primarily Brits online, hosted by me, we would love you come online and chat.

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