God: the central question

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  • ixthis


    I love your question ... thank you, it is a great question.

    The reason I was drawn to this message board is that my boyfriend WAS a JW ... he has left the WT for over 4 years now but he regularly reads posts in this forum and he told me about it ... we sometimes sit next to each other and read people's stories together.

    Why do I write in this forum?

    I cant resist it ... I love the internet and I love discussion, so it was just a natural decision to join in but of course because my background is Eastern orthodoxy my approach and discussions will centre around my beliefs but some people might perceive that as evangelisation. I am not here to evangelise although because who I am is who I am ... I will reply and post from that point of view.

    It is ok if people dont understand that ... with time they will see that my approach is peaceful and that if they disagree with me I wont get angry or upset or be abusive towards their "person" ... perhaps we can all learn some good habits from each other at the very least?

  • tec

    I enjoy reading your posts as well, and your tone is peaceful.

    Peace in Christ,


  • Chariklo

    Ixthis, I've only just discovered your posts and I too enjoy them a lot. Always food for thought!

  • ixthis

    I might want to correct my statement above .. by evangelisation I mean the modern understanding of it. I do not go about purposely twisting arms to join my religion ... if I was to say I "evangelise" using the traditional "Greek" meaning of the word then I would say yes I am evangelical since it simply means ... good message :) I hope my posts are good messages.

  • designs

    'I won't give up on you' What religious arrogance. The Eastern Orthodox Traditions have almost as horrible a record as the Western Churches and were more directly involved in the Rewrite known as the NT. Which of the posters in this thread made the statement about Theology 'they make it up as they go'.

    Being good, being involved in humanitarian and environmental work is for everyone, its simple, open to any, can be done any time and anywhere. That is what matters, not Icons and Crosses and Relics from a byegone era.

  • Pika_Chu

    @Ixthis: I apologize, then. Apparently, I should read better!

  • ixthis

    Who is arrogant?

    "I wont give up on you" was your own statement, to be precise you said "We wont give up on you" - so, I used the same statement in my reply - tongue in cheek - to demonstrate to you how ungracious that statement is towards me.

    Funny how it boomerangs to suit your desire to degrade christianity.

    Nonetheless ...

    The Canon of the NT Scriptures was not formalised until 325. There was no "Bible" prior to this date ... just fragments of books scattered all over the place.

    @PikaChu - Hey, I actually feel partly responsible for the misunderstanding since I should take more of an effort to clearly articulate myself and make sure things are explained... I can not assume that people understand what I mean. I apologise also for giving you that confusion.

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