My ex-JW DF'd father has gone "Camping" on me

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  • Gayle

    I am so very sad. My dad was disfellowshipped for apostasy by JWs in mid-80s. He then went to many churches after, didn't 'fit' in anywhere because he was so opinionated. He became a preacher without a congregation. The last year or so he started watching TBN. He is 85 yrs old. He wrote a letter to me but the salutation was "My dear children", (written by his wife) posted-dated last Saturday (yes, Camping's Rapture fiasco day) titled on envelope "Our last words." Then, some words about his belief in 'resurrection' and other words. I happened to talk on the phone Sunday with them about family relatives, they mentioned nothing about the letter. I had even made some joke about Mr. Camping's ridiculousness. They didn't say anything about it.

    We talked on the phone yesterday, I expressed many feelings and thoughts. I expresses to watch out and be careful about TV evangelists and TBN. He stated strongly that he felt TBN was a good "organization." He used that word.

    I am so exasperated with them but not shocked. My dad has always been a proud man, always right. Even after leaving JWs, he still always made a stance he was right with God always, etc.

    I think they thought they were going to be 'raptured' Saturday because of the timing of this letter. They wouldn't fess up to it. My sister had talked them to get them to admit they did this because of Camping's prediction but they denied it.

    By the action of them writing this letter, obviously, they didn't believe that I nor my 4 siblings were going to raptured, since we don't believe in such. My siblings and I have managed to develop some humor about our being raised JWs and now dealing with this "Camping" crap now after all these years.

  • moshe

    I hope he didn't send those media evangalists his life savings- now that would be depressing.

  • Gayle

    yes, moshe, he has said he "tithes" to TBN. Makes me sick,,I can only suspect he or his wife has sent money to Camping also. He is not rich, but is comfortable with a carpenters pension and all health benefits as was a "prisoner of war (WWII) and social security of course. He has had a good size savings also but I can only suspect at this time. I don't care if I get any inheritance anyway but sure wouldn't want TBN or Camping to get it either. So sickening.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Rutherford was right about this: Religion is a snare and a racket.

    The sooner we tax the hell out of them the better!

  • cantleave
  • nugget

    I am so sorry this must be such a cause of concern. Camping has been able to tap into the spiritual yearnings of many people and however irrational it seems to us others have fallen for it. They may have realised that this was a mistake but won't want to admit it.

  • moshe

    Harold Egbert Camping (a college educated engineer) said he is just a "humble teacher".

  • luna2

    I think that there are some folks who are really searching for that perfect religion. If mainstream doesn't do it for them, they might try Jehovah's Witnesses or TWI or some other flavor of cult. If that doesn't pan out, they look for something else. They may be attracted to those groups who hold out exclusivity and end dates. Having escaped from one cult religion, I have no desire to subject myself to more of the same, but, obviously, some people feel the need to keep trying. Its kind of sad.

  • dgp

    I think I would be very frustrated if this happened to me. I'm sorry for you, Gayle.

  • Satanus

    Sorry that you have this to deal w. I can imagine how frustrating it might be, as my dad had a similar 'disease'. He was taken in by the wt gang, dragged all of us into it. Got kicked out for 'immorality'. He continued searching for special knowledge in the fringes for the rest of his life. He never found what he was looking for, may he rest in peace. He might very well have gotten taken in by the camping crap, as well, had not his 'end' come, already.

    I don't think that people like that can be cured.


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