If you love a woman/man....

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  • Finally-Free
    I mourn those who fight it or deny themselves

    I hear you, but some of us have no choice. From a practical, financial standpoint, I can't afford another mistake. I've made too many of them. Another such mistake could wipe me out completely.


  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    If you love a woman, you'll peep through her window without her knowing, leave creepy notes in her mailbox, and have pictures of her all over your apartment, while fantasizing about your life together.


  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    In truth, he's the first person who I've been able to be my true self with and not feel bad about who I am. He makes it okay to be me, because like me, he accepts and loves me WITH my flaws. I was my real self with him because I really didn't think it would go anywhere and so I felt like I had nothing to lose. And that's who he fell in love with. Part of me still can't believe it lol.

    I'll have what she's having.

  • elderelite

    FF..... I hear your words... But what I feel is fear. Money has no bearing on love. It bears on the practical aspect, the day to day, even the where and how.... But not the "if". Money and all its concerns cannot stop you from loving someone. That is fear talking...

    I can't imagine holding back from someone ive dicerned is special... Someone who completes something in me, someone who when joined with me makes us both more than the sum of our parts...someone i can laugh with,play with, make love with, be mad at and make up with.... that person who puts wind benath my wings, makes my heart soar.... Inspires me to be a better man.... Whos laughter is like sunshine on soul and whos tears are shred my heart....

    To miss out on that over peices of green paper...? No. Be honest with yourself. Its fear. Fear of rejection, fear of having choosen poorly in the past, fear of being hurt again, fear that it wont last, fear of being happy...fear in some form or fashion... But its not something so banal as "money"

    To love, to truly be yourself as that beautiful post by morbid talked about, takes a brave soul. To expose yourself to another... To be naked in soul and bear the real "you"... To chance that its not enough, or that youll be laughed at or deemed unworthy.... Its a huge risk. Not everyone is willing to risk it all to win it all..

    But fool yourself about "money"

    Give me the roll of the dice... For a chance to float in the clouds with a woman who loves me as i am, who sees the stars in my eyes, who can see the blackness that sometimes lurks in everymans soul and still be willing to guid me back to the light, a woman who can ease my spirit when the nameless deamons under my bed terroize me...

    I will gladly risk whatever i have, ever will have or ever could have for the chance at that!

    If you can consider all that that FF and still not be willing to take the chance, it only confirms money was never the issue

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    When you really love a woman you try to put up with her alcoholism. You cry with her when she has a relapse. You hold her hair and rub her back when she's vomiting. You tell her that she's right, "I don't really understand, but I love you anyway and I'm staying right here no matter how much you hate yourself right now." You curl up beside her and hold her as she falls asleep. In the morning you get up and make her breakfast and kiss her, and tell her you love her, and just try to be thankful this period of sobriety was longer than the previous one. Then you reset the counter. Again.

  • caliber


    When you love someone...

    you must release such inner core feelings

    from a place of muted silence let it break forth

    in all it's glorious splendor..

    for it speaks a pure message straight from your heart !!

    risk it all in one turn of pitch and toss..when you love someone..

    don't you dare think twice !

    for in this pivotal moment in time...

    they are your heart, your soul, your treasure,
    your today, your tomorrow, your forever,
    Your everything!

    ~~~ Caliber

  • carla

    I find it odd that jw's and often many ex jw's do not really believe in romantic love. Maybe being raised jw's they never had the 'love you forever onto eternity' kind of thing going on. You know, how teenagers moon over each other. Well, maybe you guys don't know but think like in the movies then. They never know who will make into the new system so they don't want to truly give their whole being to someone else just in case?

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    One guy I knew loved a woman so much that after they got divorced, he decided in a blind rage to stab her and her new boy-toy to death. If he couldn't have her, nobody would. Afterwards he cleaned up his white Bronco, so that it was white and shiny which reminded him of her when they first met. Then when the police came to arrest him, he went on the lamb. Eventually, to declare his love for her to the entire world, he decided to have his police chase televised during the NBA Finals. He stated the shiny white Bronco racing down the freeway represented the way she made his heart feel when they were together. Later during his trial, a glove was presented as evidence. He purposely attempted to try the glove on however his hand wouldn't fit it, and he stated later that the love he had for her was like his oversized hand in the glove. His love for her was just too big to be contained.

  • jamiebowers

    WOW, Miz, that O.J. stuff was weird! Anyway...for me there aren't premeditated things my husband and I do to show our love. We just click, really, really get each other, and things just happen naturally. I've never felt hesitant to let him see my worst qualities, and he takes them in stride. In the beginning he tried to hide some of his flaws from me, but he gave up those attempts when he realized that I sensed what was going on in his head. It freaked him out a little bit at first, but now he understands what's going on.

  • elderelite

    Lol miz.... I feel for you, i really do. Your defiant attempt to portray one mans murderous possesion issues as "love" only belies what i said in the begining. You are afraid. Your a frightened little boy standing in front of a tigers cage, hiding behind his mothers skirt.... You get up the courage to peek out.... You finallystep from behind her the hem.. You laugh and tease and dance in front of the cage... But ultimatly your still scared sensless... One yawn from the feline sends you scurrying back to the safty of mommies skirt....

    I can only take comfort miz in knowing that, while i pitty you and what you are deprived of, it is in the end a protection. Not for you, but for whatever poor woman may find herself with some attractin to you. Until you are brave enough to actually take a risk she wont potential end up stuck with you, raising you and teaching you how to be a grown up

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