Have you ever been to Dominican Republic for vacation?

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  • Glander

    What if you got there and you saw cleavage? Trip spoiled!

  • Iamallcool

    I do like cleavages, but I would not want to date someone who shows cleavages EVERYDAY. It is okay if she does it from time to time. Read my other thread carefully.

  • Reality79

    We went there for our honeymoon. It was quite nice. We went on a lot of excursions.

    This was in the northern part of the island (can't remember the name right now).

  • Nice_Dream

    Playa Grande was the most beautiful beach I've ever been to. We stayed in a small town with a brother who married a DR sister, and I found the locals weren't super friendly and there was lots of garbage laying around. But the resort we stayed at was nice, and the water and beach were beautiful. It's definitely a tropical paradise. Now I want to go on vacation!

  • onemore


    check your PM.

  • Alfred

    Been there many times... Boca Chica, Punta Cana and La Romana/Casa de Campo... excellent destination... great bang for the vacation buck!

  • Terra Incognita
    Terra Incognita

    I haven't been there but maybe

    this guy can give you some advise.

  • SixofNine

    Two-Third (SixofNine), we need you!

    I got nuthin', Syl. Sometimes I can only shake my head.

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