Pick your year for the end of the world

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  • DagothUr

    One billion-two thousands and twelve. In approx. a billion years from now the Sun will be in a stage of it's life when his energy will burn the Earth's atmosphere, rendering the planet barren. The oceans will boil and evaporate into space. That will be the end of all life and no raptor can save the good from the bad.

  • WTWizard

    The end of the world as religions and cult scams predict: About 4.5 billion years from now, when the sun will engulf earth.

    The end of the world as in free countries: It should be starting any month now. Hyperinflation is a time bomb that will go off, and once the US experiences hyperinflation, it will drag the whole world down with it due to its having the world reserve currency. The fake energy crisis (thanks to the EPA) is scheduled to be phased in starting this July, and could result in widespread rolling blackouts on a regular basis and eventually gas shortages (assuming it doesn't cost a quintigillion dollars a gallon by then). The Osama ObamaCare law with its 1099 form requirements, the S-510/S-3767 that got snuck through at the last possible minute, and endless regulations that got passed in 2010 will destroy the foundation of the country. From then, it's only a matter of time (weeks to a few years, at best before 2020) before the Rothschilds take advantage of the situation and enslave us all.

  • sinis

    2011 will be the end of the financial world. 2012 will be the end of the world as we now know it - social, economic, etc.

  • zoiks

    Dagothur - The End is even closer than that! 500,002,012 - earth will only be able to sustain life for another half-billion years! Time is short, indeed.

  • DagothUr

    Possible. The Sun is a vicious adversary. It will be the end of Earth, but will it be the end of humanity??? Also, I see OBVES has opened another account.

  • smiddy

    When the last of the annointed remnant finishes their earthly life

    ( The past 35 years their number never dropped below 8000 partakers,and now their number of partakers has increased to over 11000 ? )


  • d

    Wow it is amazing to see all those end of the world predictions. Just like it was said before the world will end when the sun burns itself out.

  • kimbo

    less than 5 years

    for the last 100 years

    soon almost

  • talesin

    until I die,,, or sometime after ...

  • botchtowersociety
    Pick your year for the end of the world

    Whoever gets closest without going over wins!

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