What happens after login at the jw.org site?

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  • bereanbiblestudent

    Does anyone know what happens after the login at www.jw.org?

    Are there any publications in pdf (like the Kingdom Ministry) and/or letters available there?



    Possible-san you have a pm

  • TDaze

    Your IP address will be traced and crossreferenced with the database of the ISPs in your area. This way they can find out your physical address and send some sheperds to bring you back to the flock.

  • yknot

    It just gives more 'tabs'.....

    In documents there are instructions for insurance and stuff.

    Order forms for literature

    There is a KH look up where it gives who is the CBE and SEC

    Forms, forms, forms-----

    BOE LTRS are only accessed by SEC or CBE (who control level of access)

    All the currrent PT outlines are available

    A few 'newsie' posts....(actually I really need to post a tidbit I saw back in Jan on login)

    KMs are in pdf available for download too.

    My access is granted on a temporary basis only.

    That is all that I can remember right now......perhaps an active Elder or MS with access will add to the list cuz I am sure I missed a few things..... all in all just reading through insurance stuff made me never want that level of responsibility......and I do appreciate my Elder-boys a bit more!

  • bereanbiblestudent

    That is what I thought,

    I wonder if they are scarred of hackers. I think the Watchtower.org site was hacked even before it was officially online, as I remember reading about that in a magazine David Reed sent out in the 90´s. They will most likely be better prepared then in those days.

    And I wonder if they ad info to the pdf´s in order to see were they are coming from as I have seen different file sizes for the same publications.

    That can most likely be removed.

    Also I think the WT Publication list will be there, the one used on the literature desk

  • pirata

    Actually there's not really much available unless your login has been assigned access privileges by the administratror.

    ie. you only get access to Our Kingdom Ministry if you are explicitly given access to download Our Kingdom Ministry.

  • cantleave

    I resigned before this went live!! Woohoo! I am losing touch with new developments.

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