my workmates jw friend of 30 years has deleted her from facebook

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  • pontoon

    LongHairGirl I think you about nailed it. I also am a fader and know I am talked about. I know that as a fader my old circle of JW friends are history, comes with fading, but it is their decision not mine. We just understand how it is, when I/we were in we would have done the same. I don't post on facebook, but when I started my fade I cut myself off from JW's. If anyone calls me up to preach I cut it short, if it is just a shoot the crap call it's all good. If they stop by in a car group with neck ties on, I'm busy, if they are casual or need to borrow a tool or need help, all invite them in and offer them a beer. But none of us should be surprised to loose old JW friends, we know how it works

  • skeeter1

    I met three of my former JW friends on Facebook.

    The first left the JWs many years. We rekindled our friendship.

    The second is hard-core JW. We friended, she read my page, then she defriended me. Her posts were all about, "I am packing for the DC. Can't wait. Going with daddy."

    The third is a fence sitter, disfellowshipped buy clinging to the religion and considering returning to it. He PMd me through Facebook, we talked on the phone, but he NEVER became a friend of mine on Facebook. And, he never returned my e-mails once I told him that the JWs were in a cult. He did admit that there were "cult like" tenandacies. Wierd.


  • undercover

    I have a couple or three current, active JWs on my friend list. I had more, but over the course of time they have either 'unfriended' me or deleted their account. I was 'unfriended' by one JW who apparently decided they had to clean up their 'friends' list. They're still friends with the active JWs on my list, just not me and a couple of other inactive people. One person 'unfriended' me after I commented on various and un-christianJW events and activities.

    Facebook is the new Internet to the WTS. As much as the WTS demonizes it, it does no good. It's too ingrained into most people's daily lives. They thought they could control the Internet. They lost. They're gonno lose the battle on social networking as well.

    Still, it's funny to watch wanna-be-good-little-dubbies try to be part of a bigger social network yet remain 'free from the world'. Watching dubs on FB is a study in cognitive dissonance.

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