Should False Prophets be sued for fraud?

by Aussie Oz 10 Replies latest jw friends

  • nugget

    It is sad when people set their hopes on these frauds. At least this last non event has received maximum publicity and it may make those who took it all seriously re evaluate their religious choices. In some ways this was a quick hit people were told a date which came and went. The watchtower is much worse because nowadays it sets no date it is some ephemeral time in the near future. On the basis of this people give up jobs, do not educate themselves and waste precious time on pointless activities. It is a long slow deprivation which does not allow people any time to recover. There is no legal recourse at the moment for this sort of long term fraud.

    What the Camping episode proves is that you do not need millions of people calling on homes to get across a message. 1 man and adverts on buses are enough. So why don't the watchtower bible and tract society do this? If they did then it how would they keep the masses busy?

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