could Campings flop snowball?

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    No Room For George

    It'd be nice to see it snowball. Like others mentioned, the WT isn't going to repeat the same mistake made in 75", or the years prior to 75" when they either alluded to or outright made silly predictions. I bet a few of the cynical old timers at Bethel were probably laughing to themselves about Camping like, "Rookie, didn't you learn anything from our stupidity? Ha!"

    Another thing, I think it also goes back to the WT's rhyme and reason as far as what purpose field service serves. I don't think the WT is interested in converts, especially, ESPECIALLY not amongst aware, intelligent, and westernized people. In my own opinion, the sole purpose of field service is to keep JWs busy. The busier they are studying and preparing WT literature for use in field service and meetings, the less likely a JW will find the time to get diverted into other activities whether that be questionable moral conduct, or even worse........entertain and research questionable aspects of this religion. As far as converts are concerned, thats an occasional bonus if it happens. The WT knows that the so called special campaigns aren't going to motivate anyone within the general public. The visitors that make the increase in folks at the KH for the Memorial are largely hanger-ons, faders, DF'd, unbaptized, etc.. As far as District Conventions are concerned, I've never known of a legitimate nonJW who recieved an invitation and decided to drive two or three hours away for a religious convention.

    Considering all of that, going back to the original topic of this thread, the WT is playing a game of retention right now. One might even label it damage control, and they're not concerned about nonJWs. They're concerned about current JWs, and their children. The leadership is concerned about maintaining the status quo, and in order to do that they've got stick that carrot out in front of JWs all the while keeping that threatening knife of losing God's approval at the back of the average JW. I'm hoping that some JWs will look at Camping's fiasco and see the similarities between it and the WT's nonsense.

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    I'm hoping that some JWs will look at Camping's fiasco and see the similarities between it and the WT's nonsense.

    That's my hope, also.

    Then, maybe there will be a domino effect.


    All of them.


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    At least they didn't drink the poisoned kool aid.

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    There's an article about the year 1975 in Time Magazine.,9171,901074,00.html

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