thoughts on this old man's death?

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  • Hobo Ken
    Hobo Ken

    Claude Choules, the only remaining male veteran of World War I and the last person to have served in both world wars, has died, the Royal Australian Navy said in a statement. He was 110.

    Will this have any impact in the minds of jw's?

    The knowledge that no one who was of reasonable age to witness 1914 are still alive surely must resonate with some.

    full article here

    1914 my thoughts


  • cantleave

    Old Light - Keep up with the times!

    Anyone who knew him would be part of his generation.

    I still can't understand how they buy that crap!

  • tenyearsafter

    Yep light allows for everyone who knew Mr. Choules to be "of that generation"...I would suspect he has numerous great-grandchildren and great great-grandchildren. The possibilities are endless!!

  • wobble

    So, the End will come in 3034 for sure, the elastic must have snapped by then.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Not to the JWs since the invention of the elastic generation i imagine. They have largely forgotten that teaching.

    But to a JW offshoot that targets JWs it sure does! (Source; The Lords Witnesses website).

    On 2009July18, the UK WW1 Veteran, Henry Allingham died aged 113 (the oldest man in the world at that time).

    Florence Beatrice Green who became 110 on 2011February19 is the only surviving WW1 veteran as of 2011May8.

    The life expectancy of this pair is less than 2 years.

    Then on 2011May5 Claude Choules died in Australia. So today we have one WW1 veteran left, Florence Beatrice Green who is 110 years old. The oldest man in the world is normally 113 and the oldest woman is normally 115. Florence's life expectancy of the entire list above is around 2 years. The oldest male in the world is generally between 111 and 114 year old.

    That means Jesus must come and the Great Tribulation must occur and the end must come in the next 3 years and should be expected within 2 years.

  • sizemik
    He was 110.

    My Grandfathers generation . . . he fought in WW1 . . . if he were alive today he'd be 112 . . . he died in 1970.

    Definitely feels like the last of a generation to me.

  • Joliette

    They'll just keep truckin!

  • Hobo Ken
    Hobo Ken

    I'm obviously aware of the new "overlapping" generation doctrine.

    My point is that yes the wtbts can print as many magazines as they like and change their doctrines, but they cannot completely control the deep subconcious.

    A simple thing like this could pave the way for older ones to start thinking about the way the 1914 doctrine used to be taught.

    I have friends who have left the org because of just such a process.

    For some the change when the book study was ditched , for others the U.N. involvement still others the child abuse issues. These are not necessarily doctrinal but can create a paradigm shift in a person's deep subconcious which leads to more rational, clear ,objective thinking.

    It may be that as we approach 2014 it will intensify and people may start "waking up".


  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    It would be nice to see an increase in people waking up. If the GB2.0 doesn't find the right balance between status quo and noo lite there will be problems. They need to have enough noo lite to appear progressive but not so much that it disrupts the ritual lifestyle that keeps members in compliant conformity. Every change they make will affect some members in a way that's detrimental to Borg interests, but they have historically just blown that off as collateral damage ("they went out from us because they were not of our sort").

    My guess is they are scrambling regularly to figure out a plan B but nobody has enough charisma to pull his idea off.

  • cantleave

    Sadly all the older ones I know (or should I say knew) seem to bought into the overlapping generation!

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