What is this Sunday's talk about?

by skeeter1 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • skeeter1

    I need to know what is going to be discussed tomorrow.

  • Morbidzbaby

    It's about a half hour long...

    Wait a minute...is it supposed to be a special talk or something? Cause if not, it's different for every congregation. No telling what outline will be used...

  • nugget

    Can't help it could be anything but it will be boring. Trust me if you were to ask half the attendees to tell you what it was about 1/2 an hour after the meeting they would have forgotten.

  • Quarterback

    The special talk was already given. Chances are you will hear a talk that was giving already, since there are only outlines that are available for public talks. So you go with the understanding that you already heard it before.

  • Morbidzbaby

    If you really need a talk title to give to make it look like you went, how about "A Godly View of Sex and Marriage"? LMAO that'll halt any further questions. JW's hate talking about sex LOL.

  • Mary

    No idea but I'll bet dollars to donuts it'll go something like this:

    Example of a character from the OT (probably Noah or Moses) and how much faith they had....

    Jehovah destroys those who didn't listen to them and preserved them alive. Aren't we all happified He did this? Noah and/or Moses probably felt tired and discouraged but they persevered........Fast-forward a few thousand years to our time. We've been living in the time of the end since 1914......millions have come to know The Truth.........very wicked times we live in.......soooo many problems. Problems, problems, problems. Natural disasters coming out of our asses (specifically, the earthquake in Japan, the tornadoes in the States and now the friggin Mississippi cresting everywhere)....high prices of gas....everyone trying to make a living........In the midst of all this, Jehover's Witnesses preaching makes up for all the shit we see going on in the world. Sadly, some have not kept their faith and have left the Borganization.......everyone who's left is now on crack cocaine living under a bridge. Won't we be happy when Jehovah finishes those ungrateful basturds off?

    Everyone's wearing out....The End is soooooo close you can almost touch it. How sad if after all the crap we've been through, if we were to lose out on everlasting life now. Materialism, apostacy and the god-damn internet are responsible and the Slobbering Body members don't know whether to shit or go blind at all the problems within the Borg.......

    Let us thank Jehovah for these old geezer who have screwed more lives up than Genghis Khan and close with song and prayer.

    Lemme know how close I was!

  • blondie

    The public talk is selected by the COBOE (PO) or delegated to another elder to select talks and schedule speakers either from the local congregation or nearby congregations. So except for the SPECIAL talk the talk is pretty much random. The same talks are heard at the CO visit and at assemblies/conventions.

  • Quarterback

    Mary ,LOL, It's Cocktail hour. You really need to start drinking.

  • Este

    What was the special talk about? Inquiring minds wanna know...... (Hello Blonde)


  • Mary

    LMAO! I just asked my father what the talk was about today and he said "...Oh, it was about how close we are to The End and how we have to remain faithful even though alot of us are tired and worn out....and about all the problems we have living in the Last Days...."

    I guess I just moved up to the rank of 'Prophet'!!!

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