My Judgement Day SCAM...easy women

by Smoky 1 Replies latest social current

  • Smoky

    What fun activity are you doing tonight, just before Judgement day?

    Im here at work now, but tonight im going to a few Bars, then to a Strip club.
    I going to change it up from the usual, I will be in character.

    My Character: Nieve Religious Virgiin that is depressed cause he has sinned, and now is going to hell tommorow.
    My Mission: Convince the Ladies/ and Strippers that it would be a shame not to experience Sex, before i die.

    Wanna see if it works....

    SMOKY is gonna get lots a tail before the end....or die trying.

    Smok'em if you Got'em

  • OnTheWayOut

    Your act and a couple hundred dollars might work on a stripper if she also happens to do tricks.

    Good luck to ya.

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