Been a Long Journey!

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  • KW13

    I look at how many years i've been here and look back at how much stuff i had to deal with. I feel pretty proud of myself!

    I left the Witnesses.

    Noah almost died after he was born because he wasn't breathing.

    When Megan was pregnant with the twins, Brooke almost didn't make it through the pregnancy, and Molly was at risk too and to be honest it was touch and go if Brooke was going to survive after . She had two blood transfusions which i didn't ever say no to but god did i worry...would it work or would the witnesses prove right at a critical moment in their and my life.

    My Stepdad used to treat me really bad until i stood up for myself. Before that life was so bad at home i lived with others, and i had a drinking problem, despite me being young i learned that alcohol made me 'feel loose'.

    When it came to it, after i broke the witness mould off compeltely i felt strange and i didn't even know who i was. I didn't cope at all with the transition from 'christian role model' to free boy/man. Anxiety took hold and i went through a stage of never leaving the house. I just stayed in and felt myself slipping away, and i had no idea how to stop myself unwinding. After a bad experience or two later i just lost the plot completely. I just about managed to put a respectable front on for others, but at home i was just an angry monster to be blunt, surprised Megan put up with me getting angry all the time.

    I then became a hypochondriac. I thought i had every illness and ailment in the book. Just managed to get a grip on that one.

    Thankfully i'm back in one piece, and almost completely sane. I am on meds for anxiety/depression but overall, i feel myself moving forward. I think another five years and i'll be sorted. Amazing how i've relapsed and got it together again a few times, when i thought i was going to be ok. Just goes to show, family and/or friends are everything.

    Peace out people!

  • snowbird

    May you, Megan, Noah, Molly, and Brooke continue to be blessed.


  • ballistic

    I remember you KW. I've only recently started looking at the board again recently as I'm working from home. Glad to see you are doing ok.

  • jean-luc picard
    jean-luc picard

    May you, Megan, Noah, Molly, and Brooke continue to be blessed.



  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    It's not easy leaving "the truth" but it's well worth it in the end.

    Hang in there!

  • carla

    Glad things are looking brighter for you and family is well!

  • wasblind

    ((((((( KW13 )))))))

  • KW13

    Thanks for the kind words folks. I feel really good right now, its just amazing what life throws at us and what we manage to pull through. All of you stay strong, you are my online family. Ballistic, good to see you bud...been a long time!

  • cantleave

    KW13 - Keep taking everything day by day. Stay strong and focus on the important things.

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    over 4,000 posts!!! wowow!!! welcome back and so good to stop and look at all the progress you have made! Peace!

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