I must have been cast into spiritual darkness, because I can't figure this out.

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  • WontLeave
    We must obey the faithful and discreet slave if we are to have Jehovah's approval - ws7/15/2011

    If this is true, it begs the questions:

    Who is this “slave” and who are the “domestics”? What are the “belongings”? Such questions are not of mere academic interest. Properly identifying and cooperating with the “faithful and discreet slave” will mean great happiness and rich spiritual rewards. - w3/1/1981

    So, now we have to know who this is talking about.

    Jesus referred to the composite body of his spirit-anointed followers on earth as “the faithful and discreet slave,” - w2/15/2009

    Okay, then. Now we know who they are.

    Memorial Partakers Worldwide: 11,202 - yb2011

    Since that number keeps going up, it's going to be difficult to keep track of our human overlords. Do we get a list? How do I find out who my local "faithful and discreet slave" members are, so I can get my marching orders from them? What if there are several in my area? Should I take a pad and pen with me when I visit them, just in case some New Light comes spouting out?

    Are all these anointed ones throughout the earth part of a global network that is somehow involved in revealing new spiritual truths? No. ...a limited number of anointed men have the responsibility of representing the slave class. They make up the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses. - w6/15/2009

    Oh, okay. So, I don't have to listen to 11k people, just... Wait, does anybody know who they are? If we have to obey them, how do I know what they want me to do? Is there a hotline, website, newsletter?

    He may use the Watch Tower Publications Index, if available, to locate what “the faithful and discreet slave” has said on the subject in the pages of The Watchtower and other publications. - w9/1/1996

    Whew! Now I know where to get the commandments of " the faithful and discreet slave". So, everything in the Watchtower publications is information from them. That clears that up.

    Therefore it has been decided to invite several helpers, mainly from among the great crowd, to share in the meetings of each of the Governing Body Committees, that is, the Personnel, Publishing, Service, Teaching, and Writing Committees. - w4/15/1992

    Wait. What? So, guys just like me - "other sheep" publishers - are writing stuff? Well, the announcement goes on to say the "little flock" is dying off, so they need the help. The "great crowd" helpers must be like secretaries, writing down New Light that "the faithful and discreet slave" is dictating to them. I guess that makes sense.

    When the time comes to clarify a spiritual matter in our day, holy spirit helps responsible representatives of 'the faithful and discreet slave' at world headquarters to discern deep truths that were not previously understood. The Governing Body as a whole considers adjusted explanations. What they learn, they publish for the benefit of all. - w7/15/2010

    What do you mean Holy Spirit helps representatives of "the faithful and discreet slave" discern deep truths? Then, the Governing Body considers that and print what they learn from it? So, we have the "representatives" teaching "the faithful and discreet slave"? How does this work, since the "other sheep" are supposed to be learning from the "little flock"? How can the followers follow the leaders if the leaders are being lead by the followers? Wouldn't that just be a doctrinal merry-go-round? Besides:

    And as for YOU, the anointing that YOU received from him remains in YOU, and YOU do not need anyone to be teaching YOU - 1John 2:27

    I'm so confused. Who really is "the faithful and discreet slave"?

  • punkofnice

    .....er....Charles Taze Russell? Isn't he still communicating from heaven?

    Seriously, this is very well laid out WontLeave. Sad that good hearted R&F dubbies are not allowed to read it let alone rationalize it.

  • jgnat

    The faithful and discreet slave serves first, eats after. He certainly does not demand obedience from those around him. He's a slave.

    Another term turned on it's head until it means something completely different.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    The "representatives" are the "Governing Body."


  • wobble

    You'r confused Wontleave ! So are 7 million JW's, and by the sound of it, the Governing Body too !

    Never mind, I wont worry, after all, where did I learn wonderful truths like the generation of 1914 will not pass away before the End has come ? to abstain from blood? that the people of Sodom and Gomorrah will/wont/will get a resurrection ? etc etc ?

    I learned those "truths" from the group they call the FDS, you know, that group of nine aging men in Brooklyn who walk around in circles looking mighty confused !

  • WontLeave

    nine aging men

    It's 7, now:

    • Samuel Herd (1999)
    • Geoffrey Jackson (2005)
    • M. Stephen Lett (1999)
    • Gerrit Lösch (1994)
    • Anthony Morris (2005)
    • Guy H. Pierce (1999)
    • David H. Splane (1999)

    Barr and Jaracz died last year.

  • wobble

    Seven, ah Heavenly Completeness, they wont be asking you to join soon, it would spoil the number !

    So, a couple have used the launching pad recently, so perhaps they will hasten the "Noo Lite" down to Brooklyn soon !

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    What are the dates in brackets (1999)? Date of GB appointment? It cant be 6 years for GB 2.0 already can it?

  • maninthemiddle

    I can't think of anything to add, you have covered it well.

    Who really is "the faithful and discreet slave"?

  • PSacramento

    When was the last time the annointed GB washed the feet of their "followers" ?

    I guess that little lesson from the SON of GOD was lost in translation.

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