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  • JRK

    In the last 2 nights I have had 3 nightmares about airports. I dreamed that I was naked at one, and had an eticket machine ouy of bubblewrap that I had trouble operating. I was naked in one of them, which should scare anyone that knows me. Maybe OTWO should send me a copy of the Itenerary for Tahoe. I cannot figure this stuff out. I am nuts.


  • talesin

    I would never try and tell you what your nightmares mean,,, but I do know the feelings they give you!

    From 'tips I learned in therapy" ....

    Keep a notepad and pen near the bed. When you wake up from the nighmare, write it down immediately. It will help dispel the feelings (anxiety, terror, sadness, whatever), and the notes be invaluable if you ever feel the need for therapy.

    Quality sleep is essential to emotional and physical well-being - without it, all the systems in your body will begin to break down. Bouquets to you for sharing,,, it is a manly man that can speak out about these things.


  • OnTheWayOut

    You feel naked when you go through security. You hate that machines have totally replaced most people at the airport. You hate all this newfangled technology.

    That, or you are really really really thinking about getting to Tahoe. You are so excited, it's what's on your mind.

  • EntirelyPossible

    Seriously, who HASN'T been naked at an airport?

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