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  • Quentin

    BTW Steve appreciate your non-hostile comments.

    Thanks Sam, one or two person's ain't going to ruin my fun.

  • Kudra

    Nothing wrong with getting some criticism. I get it all the time -but usually it is in the form of:

    1. this is what is wrong,

    2. this is why what you are doing doesn't work,

    3. this is what would make it better

    I just presented 12 figures to my advisor on an article I am writing and he had me change about 10 of them, lol. But the constructive criticism was good, and now the figures and article are stronger.

    "Criticism" that just states "this sucks!" isn't actually criticism but more like mindless mud-slinging.

    If you are thinking of doing more cartoons and you think you need to improve, then you should ask for suggestions about how your message might be more effective (don't ask me, I don't have the skills in that department!).

    Good job on the effort and the foray into cartooning with a strong message!

  • free2beme

    Okay, well next time I am a critic I will rip the person a new asshole and make them feel like suicide would be better then going on with any further attempts. I realize now the small comments of being a critic are not something that should be done here and will make sure I post much larger and more researched destructions in the future. Check and double checked!

  • Sam Whiskey
    Sam Whiskey

    Funny thing is...Quentin didn't ask for any criticism of his work, good OR bad. It's like a person handing you a bouqet of flowers, you say, "Thank you", and let it be.

  • Quentin

    I do more than wt images........


    Now it is time to let the sun set on this thread. Thank ALL of you for yor comments....

  • free2beme

    I was not aware he asked for praise, either!

  • steve2

    I feel suitably chastened. Thank you.

  • Quentin

    Steve, no need to feel chastened. That's the beauty of being free from a cult, saying what's on your mind without looking over your shoulder to see who may be listening. Instead enjoy, NO reveal in that freeness.

    free2beme, like that screen name. Be who you are, there are no restrictions, other than the rules of the board, that shackle your right to speak your mind. IMHO the wtbts is the most dangerous cult in existence, because of HOW they operate, how they obtain converts. Lies, deception, mis-direction. Once they have you, your either brain-dead, or so indoctrinated you are truly assimilated into "the Borg", "Borg", a term Farkel coined several years ago. Fits the wt to a T.

    I didn't post the images for "praise", although it felt good to receive the praise given. EVERYONE who posts anything to this board desires recognition for what they contribute. I'd be a liar if I said otherwise. Fancy myself a writer as well. Wrote a short story want to use it as a foundation to expand into a novella, with your permission would like to PM it to you, extend the same invitation to you Steve as well. If it's a piece of junk tell me. Tear into it, as Kudra said; Nothing wrong with getting some criticism. ......... Let me know, and I'll send it along.

    Now, I'm off to buy grocers, in the rain no less, some things we are not free from. Lest I get to say not now, will do it later. Is that an illusion, or freedom? Later my friends.


  • Mary

    You know what we need to start doing again? The 'Fun With Covers' that we used to do on here a few years ago.......god they were hilarious! Wasanelder used to upload them to youtube.......And if you think Crooklyn doesn't monitor this site or youtube, think again: I believe they cried "copyright infringement" and he had to (temporarily) take them down..........

  • Finally-Free
    I believe they cried "copyright infringement" and he had to (temporarily) take them down..........

    This is a positive thing, and could be viewed as an opportunity. We don't have to restrict ourselves to real watchtower covers, which are boring as hell. We can create our own from scratch and say whatever we want, and there isn't a damn thing they can do about it.


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