Zone overseer visit in middle Europe Lösch GB member talk

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  • inbetween

    yes, out of touch with reality, that is the issue.

    Listening to his talk, I got the impression, that he believes the nonsense he says.

    victim of victims sort of thing....

  • JustHuman14

    Please give the exact words that Losch said to the public talk...

  • BCK

    Losch is very much of the gestapo mentality. Some years ago, he visited the branch in Costa Rica. My friend was an overseer there. He told me that Losch was rude and demanding, acting like a king among peasants. Losch is very arrogant. (Garrett, are you getting this?)

    By their fruits you will know them. Remember the Pharisees!

  • Snowboarder

    i hope he dies while he is there........i hate the JW cult..."obey the slave, even if you dont fully understand, he compared it with a child trusting their parents (quit condescending, sheeple are like dumb children, Mama org will think for them" fuck them i'm a person not a robot and i want to be free! FREEDOM! I want to VOTE! I WANT TO DO SNOWBOARD RACES AND FLY THE FLAG! DON"T GO TO STUPID MEETINGS!

  • Medina

    Hey Snowboarder, have you ever been wakeboarding? I do wakeboarding since there are now mountains here in Holland.

  • Lady Viola
    Lady Viola

    hey medina!

    finally posting on this website! i am shopaholic from paradise cafe (dutch). :-)

    does somebody have the recordings of this talk yet? would be great to get this into the media..!

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