Unabomber auction! Anyone need this sfuff?

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  • ohiocowboy

    I actually took the time to read the whole manifesto that Satanus posted, and afterwords was so interested that I did more research on Ted Kaczynski. I also found another site that listed all of the lots that are going for auction, which includes hundreds of books, and it is interesting to see the different types and titles of the books he had in his possession.

    In regards to bidding on anything, I do not know if I will or not yet. I'm sure there will be bids from museums, collectors etc. and all of the items will go for big $$$. I love the Corona typewriter, and am surprised it is in such good condition after being used so much!

    It is nice that the money will go to the Victim's families, maybe some of them will use the money to help others who have been hurt.

    Anyways, thanks to the OP for starting the thread, and thanks to Satanus for your post that got me interested enough to do some really interesting research on this lazy Sunday!

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Satanus I have just read through what you posted too, and I must say, it did make for interesting reading.

    ohiocowboy me too, just read a little about Ted Kaczynski. But no time now. Will read more later.

    what an interesting thread. thanks lovelylil

  • ohiocowboy


    What are your thoughts on the stuff going up for auction? Do you find any of the items interesting? Do you think it is a good idea, being that it will benefit the victims and their families?


  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    I'm sure many researchers will be interested in obtaining these items to help study the mind of the Unabomber. He's certainly a case to study for psychiatry.

  • lovelylil


    I am not sure if this auction is a good idea. The reason I say this is in a way it makes Kacynski into sort of a celebrity. Also, what if someone who purchases one of the items idolizes him and decides to do a copycat? Or what if someone mentally ill buys an item and feels it tells them to kill people like the unibomber?

    Hopefully things will turn out right and the victims will benefit. But I still have reservations about it. There are many people out there who idolize serial killers. This will make Kacynski even more famous imo.

    The only item I found interesting is the writings of Kacynski. I am sure they were copied and anaylized by forensic pyscholgists. The writings really give you a view into a genius mind that was also mad at the same time. People often say there is a fine line between genious and madness, I guess in Ted's case this was true.

    Hopefully those who purchase the items will put them to good use possibly using them in a way that advances research into tracking serial killers.

    How bout you? What interests you if anything?

  • kurtbethel

    Ah yes, the Unabomber. She really did a lot of destruction back in the day.

    Janet Reno unabomber

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