Gorgeous biblical scholar kicks bishop's theological ass live on TV

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  • slimboyfat

    Thanks inkling for posting the youtube version so the non-Britishers can view it.

  • wobble

    Prof Dawkins may have been quite muted here, but not boring, he still made a valid point, why should the Bible be revered anymore than any other text ?

    He did not get a satisfactory answer to that.

  • Invetigator74

    Very interesting talk show. I downloaded all to my realplayer.

  • inkling

    why should the Bible be revered anymore than any other text ?

    He did not get a satisfactory answer to that.

    I think what they intended to be the answer to that is the claim that the Bible is an especially inspiring and enduring text. It should be revered above, say, Norse mythology becuase people don't go around crediting Thor with thier victory over drug addiction.

    This line of argument strikes me as very anglocentric, and historically blinkered; Every culture thinks THIER myths are the most inspiring and enduring. This also ignores that the Judeo-Christian population is actually a minority, towered over by vast populations of Muslims and Hindus who wouldn't be very impressed with the argument that the Bible is more deserving of special treatment than their respective holy texts.


  • therevealer

    I guess it is "the Right Reverend Michael Nazir Ali, the former Bishop of Rochester" who made the statement that the bible alone is necessary to have a moral society. Tell that to the native americans for one group, they might disagree.

    You can download it as a torrent.

  • slimboyfat

    The interesting part was in the first clip inkling linked:


  • therevealer

    not sure what happened here. will see if this posts. One thing I noticed with the majority that spoke. They are pompous full of themselves boobs. No I am not including the sweet young lady who was very dignified I thought. Even dawkins seemed more frustrated than pompous. And one other spoke with authority and not so much a bias.

  • Heaven

    I spent some time yesterday watching the video on David. Very interesting stuff. Thanks for posting that. Also watched the first of the 4 segments on the BBC's Big Questions "Is the Bible Still Relevant Today?"

    In a couple of Dawkins' questions, he received no answers. I find it amazing that religious people are willing to buy into fables. What strikes me as being so very difficult about all of it is that we as children were brought up to believe it was all true; 'the inerrant word of God'. The problems with teaching your children this is that when they discover this is untrue, they toss it all out and ... do not trust you as a parent any longer.

    When you lie, and the lie is discovered, trust is destroyed. THIS, to me, is the key reason why the Bible should never be pushed as being truthful. At best, it should be presented as a parable about what can happen should you stray from principles.

    The fact that there is no archaeological evidence to support a Davidic empire fascinates me but that there is clear evidence to support the existence of King Omri who barely gets a mention in the Bible. My brain automatically shouts "Agenda!"

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    Black Sheep,

    Why would you suggest Leo? Does she have any videos?

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