dos it really matter if it was a cross or a stake???

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  • highdose

    seriously? what does it matter? i belive its been found that the romans used both, so what does it matter?

    What does it matter that the roman word for cross sounds also like a word for another god?

    veinous sounds like peinus... so maybe you shouldn't mention veins? might stumble someone(!)

    i thought the whole point about jesus dying was just that... he died... what does it matter what shape the wood was????!!

    ... rock sounds like cock, so you definatly should never go rock climbing... someone might get the wrong impression and be stumbled(!)

    seriously whats the big deal here "no! jesus died on a stake not a cross! don't eat the cheap crackers and wine at the memorial, don't have your tits showing when you get baptised... wear a white t shirt that will immedialy go see-through instead, don't talk about sex, just read about it endlessly in the bible, don't question the GB... cos ya never know they might be right?"

  • jeckle

    Yes it does to me. And it was a cross the dubs are the ones that started this ask them. They want to be different then everybody else. this sight has reference to a lot of info or answers backing the belief in the cross vs stake. The wbts took a lot of quack pot (or crack pot) ideas and ran with them. look at there references to greber.

  • ABibleStudent

    Hi Highdose, I agree with you that it is more important to remember that Jesus Christ was willing to be cruxified to show mankind how to live instead of whether he was cruxified on a stake or cross, but I was never a JW either. I do believe that the WTBTS has always tried to differentiate itself from other Christian religions because the WTBTS leadership wants to isolate JWs from society any way that they can. Forbidding celebrating birthdays & Holidays, abstaining from blood transfusions, not saluting the flag, etc. are just ways that the WTBTS leadership can isolate JWs from other members of society (just my opinion of coarse).

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • talesin

    It never really mattered to me in a religious sense. Once I decided it was all a lie, I didn't care about any of the details.

    Years later, though, when I learned more about ancient peoples' rituals and beliefs, and how the the cross traces back to the ankh, and the very roots of female power, I felt even more disgusted with the WTBTS and how they have to sully everything that can be interesting and unique about history, and the spirituality/beliefs of others. It helped me to realize, even more, that I had made the right choice in leaving the KH forever.

    Well, that wasn't very articulate, but, you prolly get what I mean.


  • clearpoison

    It seems to have great significance to some. I think it's related to wide-spread usage of cross as symbol for christians. It's symbol on churches and people use it as jewelry among others. If the tree was cross there is relation to why this symbol could be used and the declaring it pagan symbol would lose ground. One way of proving you are right is the prove others are wrong, "there, you see, they even use pagan symbol to describe themselves, how low can they go", kind of logic. Those fake-christians use pagan sign as their most significant symbol, they are so evil and drifted away from true religion, right. It sounds less convincing when you must state that for some reason they want to use the murderweapon as their symbol, but it really was there and is related to death of Jesus.

    Semantics, I would say from my point of view, but the devil lies in nuances.


  • GLTirebiter

    From the standpoint of salvation, it doesn't matter if it was a T-shaped cross, a t-shaped cross, "stauros", or a plain old tree. To Christians, what matters is not the precise manner of death, but the resurrection that followed three days later.

    The only significance of the Watchtower's insistance on "stauros" is that it's their way of saying "We're right, you're wrong, and Jehovah's gonna get you unless you agree with us!"

  • cyberjesus

    What matters most is if he really existed, and if he indeed is God or The Son of God, or if God send himself or his son to pay for the sins to himself committed by another of his creations for which everyone is also guilty for no reason other than being born after his original creation.....

    oh God this gets too complicated...

    ok it matters where Jesus Died.

  • Heaven

    I think it does matter because the Watchtower has demonized the cross and I think this is an afront to all loving Christians who are not JWs.

    But that is what cults do. They want to be different and better than everyone else and the Watchtower uses this as one method to accomplish this.

    The older I get the more and more I see these kinds of groups hurting people and isolating people, instead of bringing healing and bringing us together. The are actually doing the opposite to what Jesus taught.

  • Chalam

    It's a big deal.

    1 Corinthians 1:18

    English Standard Version (ESV)

    18 For the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.

    Blessing in Christ,


  • DesirousOfChange

    NO. But try to tell THEM that.

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