Lee Ann Womack's I Hope You Dance ...

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  • alias

    Heard a chorus sing that song at my first "worldly" benefit for a beautiful organization in our area a few years ago.

    Sitting next to me was a woman about 20 years older breathing with oxygen tanks. Cancer.

    As they sang, and I heard the occasional clicking coming from her tanks, I knew I was in a moment teaching me a lesson.

    My whole life as a JW wallflower flashed through me; the undeniable knowing that this is life right here and we (I) will not live forever...

    I hope you dance

    I had tears in my eyes. I knew I had to start living NOW.

    Months later the woman next to me died.

    I went to her memorial service, given in a shady pine forest by the non-profit organization.

    It was another beautiful moment.

    I'll never forget that song. That woman. That day.

    And the lessons I learned.

    Keeping my sense of wonder,


  • snowbird

    Beautiful, Alias.



  • MsDucky

    Gladys Knight liked it too. She liked it so much she did her own version of it.


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