What was a "MarkingTalk"?

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  • prophecor

    I've only been in the truth from a distance. Family not in. Studied for years back and forth. When I finally made it in, "Got Baptized", I lasted about 18 months before bowing out. I've never had to experience the horror of not being allowed to fellowship with my family because of being disfellowshipped. It's kinda' hard to relate to those here who've had to deal with this issue. However, what happens when someone is marked and given "The Talk"? Are you personally singled out, as a warning for others to be on guard of you? Is this the next to the last straw before they give your ass the boot?

  • jean-luc picard
    jean-luc picard

    Yes, thats just about it. They dont stop talking to you, but you will not be invited to extra corricular events, no socialising, no going to their house for a meal etc. ( maybe not a bad thing actually)

    You are not named. The idea is that IF someone knows its about you, then they'll mark you. If they dont know who the talk is meant for, then they go around asking lots of questions until they do . ( sorry, a bit of cynicism there. JWs dont gossip)

  • snowbird
    no going to their house for a meal etc. ( maybe not a bad thing actually)


    Thanks for giving me the laugh of the day.


  • DesirousOfChange

    "Marking" was the action taken when it was not serious enough for a JC. Dating a worldly person.

    I suspect the new BRAZEN rule will allow more things to be pumped up to JC.

    (WOW #400)

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    I must have been marked the whole time I was in and nobody bothered to tell me.

  • prophecor

    Thanks for the heads up. Sounds like the preliminaries for a Salem Witch Hunt.

  • WontLeave

    It took me a while to realize I was marked. I actually had to read about it in the "Flock" book, before I knew such a thing existed. Also, I realized I'm on "special shepparding", kind of like they do with pedophiles and rapists (or actually, don't but claim they do). It's all very under-the-table and unofficial. I don't know if they had a "talk" about me, because I don't attend many meetings.

    They don't want my sola scriptura attitude to rub off on anyone and the elders make sure to sabotage any potential new Bible studies by interjecting something obnoxious or their idolatry for the Society to people I meet at the doors. Basically, they want me to just go away, but I haven't done anything wrong, so they're very frustrated as just what to do about me.

    It's kind of empowering, because I can tell they don't want a JC with me and know I reject their claim to authority. Even when they make their casual, unofficial digs at me in conversation, I lash back with Scripture. They're well aware I take no crap from them and if they have something to say to me, they'd better bring it from the Bible or I will shove it down their throats.

  • Palimpsest

    They were the height of self-absorbed passive-aggression. A thing of beauty, really. Almost kinda sad they've become passe. Nothing better than listening to some righteous elder go off on someone indirectly because he couldn't find the evidence he wanted. It was really more of an insult to the elders and their investigative skills than a knock on the person accused.

  • manthedan

    There was a schizophrenic in my cong. when I first started to attend. On occasion he would come to the meeting with Vaseline all over his face and hair; I heard onetime he put coins on his face and came to the meeting. He was a nice fellow with me, most of the time he was normal, nobody talked to him and I was one of the only few. Anyway he started to call this one "sister" who was married repeatedly for a couple days, next meeting they gave a “marking talk” about him and he never returned for several years.

  • highdose

    i had to sit through my own marking talk when i made it known to everyone that i had enroled into uni. I was treated like a leper from that point on

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