a WOW moment for ME!

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  • Heaven

    Actually, Satan didn't lie because he had no fore knowledge that God would kick Adam and Eve out of the garden of Eden. God never mentioned doing that. If they had remained in the garden and had eaten from the tree of life, they would have been gods.

  • FirstLastName

    My wow point was when I was dating my now husband, and I was trying to explain the JW's to him. I had long since stopped going to meetings, but never really paused to think on the JW logic, but my parents are still "in".

    So my now husband says " you mean your parents believe in Noah's Ark?!"

    and I said "yes"

    and he said, " they really think that every animal , two by two were in a boat and floated around and re populated the earth?"

    .....then he kinda chuckled.

    I never even had pondered on how ridiculous it sounds like until he said that !

  • flipper

    Me thinks a bunch of crusty older & middle aged curmudgeon's are running the WT society and wanting JW's donations , time, lives, enrgy, blod, sweat, and tears. Even then - they will want more. How I see it

  • LostGeneration

    Yep. The GBs motto: "Follow us and you positively will not die"

    100% failure rate so far.

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