How do you tell a co-worker NICELY that they have a B.O. problem? (please read)

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  • DesirousOfChange

    Anonymous gift of deodorant with a card signed by ALL YOUR FRIENDS

  • Joliette

    ^ You guys are too funny.

  • jean-luc picard
    jean-luc picard

    I have been faced with this situation.

    The person worked like a trojan, so sweated alot. The problem, he never changed his work clothes all week.

    So I spent ten minutes commending him on what a valuable colleague he was, and one minute just mentioning that because he worked so hard, he needed to give more attention than his colleagues, to changing regularly, and maybe using deodorant.

    He seemed to take it well, and most importantly, he smelled better.

  • Joliette

    ^Grrrreat! I'm happy that situation worked out for you!

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  • sabastious

    My uncle had a unique way of letting me know when I was younger. He would just very loudly make a "PSSSHEEEEEEWWWWWW!" sound and start laughing uncontrollably.


  • flipper

    JOLIETTE- I had this experience in 1983 when out in service with my then wife a JW and a good buddy of mine and a young female sister he was trying to impress. It was dead summer and we were in OUR car with no air conditioning . My buddy was quite burly, lots of chest hair, body hair- you get the picture, he had used no deodarant and smelled like a dead horse. With sweat profusely pouring out of our glands- I suggested that we go to a Safeway store as I needed to pick something up ! I asked my buddy if he'd come into the store with me. After making small talk - I cruised over to the deodarant ailse. I put my hand on my buddy's shoulder and said, " Hey man, I know you are really trying to impress sister single out in the car , and I really care for you my friend, did you use your deodarant today ? " He said, " Oh no ! Does it really smell bad ? " I said, " Yeah, it's a bit strong. Please don't be offended but I know you really want to impress that sister ! " My friend thanked me profusely and was very grateful ! We got him smellin good and back to the car we went on return visits ! LOL !

    I think if you just approach the person kindly IN PRIVATE most people will be grateful that you cared enough about the impression they make with others to be thankful for your honesty ! Try it. I bet it works for you

  • snowbird

    Flipper, you are always the epitome of kindness.


  • sherah

    I'm touched by Mr. Flipper's kindness and tact.

  • LongHairGal


    Yes, that is a delicate matter, people and their B.O and nobody wants to tell somebody that they smell bad. When I was a young girl I worked in an office with an old woman who smelled like a dead whale. When you went into the ladies room you always knew what stall she used. I ended up quitting but not because of that but I sure was glad to never have to be around her again!

    Years ago there was a woman in the congregation who smelled and several sisters got together to decide who was going to tell this lady about her problem. Guess what? Nobody did so the woman went right on being stinky. She stopped coming so that ended the problem for the rest of us who never wanted to be in a car group or standing down-wind from her.

    In this day and age you should be very careful and I would stay out of it if I were you unless you are personally affected. Then tell this person's supervisor and let them tell her.

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