My Favorite snowboard pictures i took this season! Vote and comment which one is the best!

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  • Snowboarder

    My Favorite snowboard pictures i took this season! Vote and comment which one is the best! It's all from Vancouver, Grouse Mt or Cypress! No Whistler no money to go. hey i'm broke like greece!



    IMG_6202Grouse MountainIMG_6574IMG_6622IMG_6600IMG_6594IMG_6593IMG_6591IMG_6590IMG_6218

    there are more pictures on my flickr account! so if u want go ahead and look!

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I like the one with the mountain covered in snow.

  • nugget

    Blue landscape and the portrait awesome.

  • Magwitch

    The one of your feet.

  • Snowboarder

    Mickey mouse Ok cool, thnks see the picture under it, that's the view from the top looking down, great pow but heavy it's melting it was may 1st when i took that picture! mistake that picture is the steepness from the picture where my boots are. left boot. small section.

  • Snowboarder

    nugget that's my local mountain and it's interesting the geography it's a small mountain, but it has good pow days.

    Magwitch .i went hiking to take that picture see the picture of the mountain covered in snow 4th one from the bottom i was at the top of that when i took that picture with the boots! that's the view you get and i had walk that what you see and ride the side if u look closer you could see marks in the snow!

  • ldrnomo

    I like the 4th one from the top. nice coloring.

  • Snowboarder

    ldrnomo ur from washington, what city? i'm close in vancouver! BC!

  • unshackled

    Cool pics Snowman. Gotta go for the one with your feet. I was going to head to Whistler this weekend but had to cancel my plans. Bummer.

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    they are great! You take good pictures!

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