I'm Listening to the Eagles

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  • snowbird
    Snowbird, have you been taking a mind altering chemical ?

    Nope. Only Dexilant, Norvasc, and potassium gluconate.

    The Eagles, are you serious ?

    Deadly Lively serious.


  • sizemik
    I've never been a big fan of the Eagles, but I've always loved their lead singer's solo song In The City for The Warriors soundtrack. Tough song. Even when I hated rock and roll, when he sang, "It's survival in the city, when you live from day to day, see the streets don't have much pity"

    I'm with you on this one Miz . . . the song was penned, I believe, by Joe Walsh. I don't mind some Eagles stuff but not an avid "fan".

    Joe Walsh, on the other hand, played a brand that I found musically and lyrically more to my pop/rock taste. Songs like "help me through the night", "in the city", "walk away", "turn to stone".

    His album from early 70's "You Can't Argue With a Sick Mind" . . . is a fine collection of songs . . . The album title is a good reminder for XJW's as well . . . ha ha

  • sizemik

    I ended up singing this song in my head after reading this thread. It never occurred to me before, how meaningful these lyrics are for an XJW . . . so I thought I'd post them. Somewhere along the way, I found the meaning
    Woke up dreaming - along the way
    It never quite seems the same when you awaken
    And making up for the time is such a price to pay
    And then they take the dream away
    And it just ain't fair

    So, help me through the night mama
    Help me ease the pain
    And tell me it's alright
    Help me through the night, once again

    That's the danger in pretending
    Trying to defend yourself from someone else's war
    Don't know what they're fighting for
    And they just don't care So, help me see the light mama
    Open my eyes again
    And tell me it's alright
    Help me through the night once again

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Yeah sizemik, for me right now it would have to be the DEAD KENNEDYS

    "Religious Vomit"

    All religions make me wanna throw up
    All religions make me sick
    All religions make me wanna throw up
    All religions suck
    They all claim that they have the truth
    That'll set you free
    Just give 'em all your money and they'll set you free
    Free for a fee

    They all claim that they have 'the Answer'
    When they don't even know the Question
    They're just a bunch of liars
    They just want your money
    They just want your consciousness

    All religions suck
    All religions make me wanna throw up
    All religions suck
    All religions make me wanna BLEAH

    They really make me sick

  • FlyingHighNow

    Snow, Peaceful, Easy Feeling has one of the best guitar/steel guitar breaks in history. Love the early Eagles again.

    I'm listening to, from my playlist of early 70's SuperFly era music:

    a son all potential JW's need to listen to and take to heart.


  • FlyingHighNow

    I love In The City from the Warriors. Makes me remember how it felt to be 18 and 19 living inside the city of Chicago.

    Here's an early Eagles song you never get to hear on the radio: Outlaw Man. Amazing song, with the early eagles sound.


  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    put me on the highway show me a sign

    take it to the limit one more time

  • GLTirebiter

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