Everything is "Satan" ... Now what?

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  • Pika_Chu

    Man...been there, done that...

  • roxanesophia

    life is to short: I suffered depression the whole time I was active because I never fit in. There were meetings I would go to when my husband was the only elder in the hall and to busy to be with me and we would be there for hours before and after the meetings, no one would even say hi to me.

    Sorry that happened to you, but i can relate. I'm no elders wife, but I've seen how elders hypocritically get on the platform and say "Widen out, and make new ones feel welcome." and it falls on deaf ears. I was amongst 900 or so JW's the other day. I walked around the entire place, aimlessly, and not one of them asked if I was lost, or had anyone to eat lunch with. I passed the same areas multiple times and got gawked at, that's about it. I was almost in tears and thinking this is the new family the elders have told me I'll be blessed with? Then I went back inside the hall, and sat on my own for 20 minutes until the program started again. My study conductor had a bizarre excuse for this:

    "You can't expect people to know you're a study. They probably think you're a witness."

    Oh, so they don't feel the need to speak to their own? Clearly that proves studies get special treatment because they don't want to lose us, but once you're in, and you still haven't got good friends, tough.

    psychiatric: Me too... it's the "wow" moments that have kept me in for so long, but wow moments happen anywhere, at any time. I've had wow moments watching movies, satanic worldly ones! *eyeroll* Since learning the truth about the truth (i love saying that because "the truth" just makes me sick.) my eyes are opened to the fact it's all an illusion. Every time my study conductor babbles on about how encouraging and awesome the speakers on the platform are, I'm thinking "Anyone can write these talks. It doesn't take divine inspiration." A lot of the analogies they use that JW's salivate over as if they're the only people getting this teaching, have been used in movies, books, tv shows, etc. Then again JWs are so ridiculously sheltered, they wouldn't know the source of anything. Except "the faithful and discreet slave."

    thetrueone: I agree, religions are all BS, business, control, fear. I was told by a JW "We aren't a religion, we are bible students." Explain where the doctrine, that has little to no scriptural basis, came from then!

    skeeter1: Can you explain what jewel in her social tiara means, do people really look more highly upon someone with studies? But i guess it's true that when someone praises me for my efforts, I automatically praise my study conductor.

    tec: I liked what you wrote above, about it being her truth, but not yours. She may wish you to elaborate on that.

    You're right, and I'm 110% certain she'll point me to the ears being tickled scripture, too like she has in the past. I've researched the watchtower OUTSIDE the Watchtower. The fact that the Watchtower is so firm about reading outside literature only shows they have something to hide, which is why i looked into it. Her only source of knowledge is the JW literature and given the history of lies in the religion that is no longer acceptable to me.

    Also, the weekend was the first time I'd heard that the apostles are the governing body. LOL! And "One day we might be separated from the governing body." Seems they're already setting them up to expect to fall with the rest of false religion. My study condutor was like "WOW, I never even thought about that." Sad sad sad.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Life is to short What you wrote made me feel so sad for you. It is disgusting how some human beings can treat other human beings. Religion or no religion. People can be self absorbed and so unaware of how others feel.

    roxanesophia The fact that you are here obviously means that your time spent studying has effected you deeply. Just as it did me.

    I am here still trying to get my head around it too. It wasn't just about freindship for me, it was because I enjoyed talking about the bible and had come to believe what they taught. So now I am searching again. And I now realise I may never find any truth. What I am starting to see is contradictions in everything. Religion, Science, everything!

    Some days I feel quite overwhelmed by this and I have to keep reminding myself that it is God that I love. (this is very personal for me). So I try to let go of trying to control my life too much (as I know this is really an illusion) and trust more in him. This has always helped me in the past.. But is not something I do naturally.

  • flipper

    ROXANESOPHIA- I'm sorry that you have been taken advantage of by this mind control organization. It's nice to have you here on the board and a warm welcome to you.

    With what I've researched on mind control techniques by religions and cults I'll level with you on how you have been coerced by the Jehovah's Witnesses . Your lady studying with you told you to " read the Watchtowers, read the Awakes ! The Internet is there to stumble us. " What happens is the WT society tells JW's that the Internet is controlled by Satan in order to put FEAR into JW's and to control WHAT information they have access to. WT society doesn't want YOU or ANY JW to read negative information about Jehovah's Witnesses EVEN if it's true. Thus the preventing of you from having access to much needed information to inform yourself !

    My advice to you is to avoid bringing Satan up to your study conductor and just tell her that " you've done research and have come to an informed intelligent decision to discontinue your studies. " And leave it at that. Doesn't need to be a long explanation.

    In regards to the lack of kindness and nobody saying " Hello " at the assembly and them all dressing and acting the same- here's the deal. Religions who use mind control techniques install and inculcate a robot like non-emotional functional personality so that the functions of the WT society will be met instead of functions of JW's showing real, authentic caring to one another. The functions mask any true human empathy in these people. THAT is why you are seeing this. You have been surrounded by mind controlled drones or robots. That's why they act alike and dress alike and speak alike. Pretty creepy.

    Your question " Do Witnesses really have nothing more to talk about than field service , the talks they've heard, the latest weddings ? " Simply put- no, they do not. It's what they are TOLD to think and discuss from the WT society. Programmed to think and talk about.

    I recommend if you get a chance my friend, please read 2 books from Steve Hassan called " Combatting Cult Mind Control " & " Releasing the Bonds - Empowering People to Think for Themselves " . I was a JW from birth until age 44 . I left it 7 years ago at age 44. These books assisted me immensely to see HOW I was controlled by the WT society and Jehovah's Witnesses. I think you'll find it helpful. Hang in there. Good for you you did NOT get baptized, so you are able to keep your freedom of mind. Hang onto that with all your power- it's the dearest freedom you have. Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • flipper

    Just wanted to re-emphasize that the concept of " Satan " is used to inspire FEAR into Witnesses to scare them into STAYING Jehovah's Witnesses. They are told they'll turn into evil fornicators, adulterers, drug addicts, orgy loving heathens if they stop attending meetings. This too- is another FEAR tactic used to keep members from leaving. So remember that. It's all about the WT society maintaining control over these people's lives to keep them from thinking with free open minds on their own. In a nutshell anyway. Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • umadevi

    Hi Roxanesophia,

    I would say you are on the right path. Since you are convinced that this is not what you were looking for then the best thing is to stop the study now. Don't torture yourself further. It can be hard especially if you have become close to your study conductor. Perhaps you can take time to explain to her that, after considering whatever knowledge you have acquired so far through the study, you feel this is not what you were looking for. You don't have to feel guilty to convey your honest feelings and remember that you can't please everyone. God knows your heart and that's what matters.


    I am beginning to realize this is true too. Take care. Uma.

  • roxanesophia

    Flipper, you're spot on about the mind controlled drones. I even find myself acting like one when i'm amongst them. MORE reason to get OUT.

    still thinking: The fact that you are here obviously means that your time spent studying has effected you deeply. Just as it did me.

    For sure! It's affected me deeply because I could have spent all that time doing one of 1,000,000 better things. I'm pissed off as hell. Plus I feel less bad about ending my study since learning that my private business which my conductor & I have discussed in my home has become that of half the congregation. But it's fine... I want reasons to run the hell away from this cult, not incentive to stay in it when I know it's "the lie."

    Some days I feel quite overwhelmed by this and I have to keep reminding myself that it is God that I love

    I understand how you feel. And it is the simple truth that the Jehovah's Witnasties have kept me from. JESUS is the way. Not an organization. I don't even believe "Jehovah" is God's name after researching how it came about (it isn't valid proof, in my opinion. I was also disgusted to learn that Yahweh translating to Jehovah is a big fat lie also) and my study had the audacity to say "If you don't say Jehovah, he doesn't hear your prayer." Well I've prayed to "my father" in Jesus' name and had prayers answered. Infact before I went to the meeting tonight, I prayed for more evidence that this is not a religion he requires anyone to be a part of, and the bullshit coming from the platform was nauseating and THAT was my answer. And as usual, no focus on Jesus. It was all about "HOW MANY HOURS ARE YOU SPENDING IN THE FIELD SERVICE." I laughed out loud.

    Given the recent discovery that my study conductor is an irritating gossip, I'm not going to abruptly end my study, i'm going to make her run screaming by asking the most annoying apostate-style questions she's not equipped/been brainwashed to answer. She has again tried to pull the Satan card on me when I know it's Jesus who is stopping me from advancing. I know who I'm praying to and how specific i am in those prayers. So for fun, what are the BEST questions to give a devout witness a brutal headache?

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