Informally witnessing to a witness !

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  • etna

    Witnesses don't do good deeds for anyone, unless its advertised. I remember this dear old sister in my old cong.(she was a C.O's wife, real motherly type) and she needed some painting done. A pioneer from the cong, charged her a fortune to paint her garage and when I and my friend found out we painted her house for her for nothing, we just did it because we would expect our mothers to be treated the same. The spiritual ones are only kind when others know about it. (Sorry they are not all the same).


  • losthobbit

    Hehe :)

  • 1975

    You did the right thing. I'm not going to waste my time speculating what went through the minds of this witness couple. To me, this is not surprising, why? I have a 97 year old WITNESS Mom living in a Elders lodge. She's not handicapped, and she gets along very good. When I first went visiting her, which was a few years ago ( I still do), she was troubled what her witness family members would say about my visits. Well, it's finally excepted because nothing is said about it. What's interesting is that my complaining witness brother and witness daughter hardly go and visit her, while my two other non-witness brothers go on a regular basis!!!!! Does that make sense about people who are more interested in placing literature and time in service than violating James 1:26, " look after orphans and widows in their tribulation..."? What impact does the scriptures have on these individuals?

    Going back a few years ago, my witness mother took ill and we housed her for about a month, where were the family witnesses during my Mom's crisis? No where to be found in aiding or helping her. A few came to visit her. That's my experience. Again, you did the right thing.


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