New Simplified Watchtower - No More Beating Around the Bush!

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  • kurtbethel

    Bow Down to Your Leaders!!

    your gods the governing body

  • Joliette
  • sizemik

    Rank&FileGuy has introduced an interesting feature regarding the introduction of the simplified version.

    I don't believe it is for the purpose it would have the average JW believe . . .

    Many JW's (and I did this) play with the words of the WT study articles from time to time to avoid a strict interpretation of them. Usually this is on account of wanting to preserve some degree of freedom of conscience or previously enjoyed liberty.

    The simplified version will scuttle this. Any room for varied interpretation will be resolved by referring to the simplified version. It will in reality become the ultimate "reference material" for ALL JW's

    I wonder how long it will take for it to be hauled out at a JC or disciplinary meeting . . . if it hasn't already.

    It's definitely a tighter control mechanism . . . a hammer to beat with . . . with more weight in the head.

  • Sayswho

    This is not dumbed down, it has become more strict...RIGHT TO THE POINTOF WHAT THEY REALLY WANT TO SAY.

    This is going to get interesting...OBEY THESE MEN!!!

    Guy H. Pierce, Samuel F. Herd, Gerrit Lösch, David H. Splane, Stephen Lett, Anthony Morris III, Geoffrey Jackson

    Yes they are making it harder, and a more controlling "religion".

    When there is no personal accountability you can do as you want.


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