In what book did Carl Sagan make reference to the JWs?

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  • VM44

    Does anyone know the title of the book in which Carl Sagan make mention of the beliefs of a particular religion that was obviously the JWs?

  • trevorbv

    Broca's Brain (see quote 26).

  • VM44

    Thanks trevorbv.

    I want to read what Sagan wrote in the rest of that book.

    It is interesting to note that Broca's Brain (1980) was published around the same time that the Cosmos series was being shown on television.

  • rebel8

    Also, they had misquoted him in their own publications.

    Watchtower says: According to Carl Sagan, fossils could prove there is a Creator.-- Creation Book: Ch5 p.70 Source says: The quote in context states fossils prove the unlikelihood of a competent Creator. (Note: Carl Sagan does not speak highly of the WTS; in Broca’s Brain, he discussed the false apocalyptic predictions it made and how it reinvented its past statements when its predictions didn’t come true. He refers to this as “shamelessly dishonest”.)

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