By looking at the Human Body - what normal conclusion should we come to...

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  • sinis

    as it pertains to evolution or creation? With modern science looking at the construction of the human body they have found some organs that are no longer necessary for function, and believe they are carry overs from evolution. With this in mind, and potential flaws in our design, if we were created by an all knowing, highly advanced god, should we not have been "built" better?

    So how many here believe in:



    Something else...


  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    both... what was Created always changes

  • loosie

    Evolution makes sense to me.

  • DarioKehl


    1.) The Male Urethra: Why would a soft tube run through the prostate gland and not around it? The prostate gland is prone to enlargement later in life. Why isn't it reinforced with a solid wall? Any plumber will tell you that running an uninsulated line through a tank would fail any building code.

    2.) The Human Hip Joint: designed for quadropedal movement, not upright movement. Which is why the human spine has such a dramatic curvature to make up for upright locomotion.

    3.) Human Sinuses: Are "upside down." They do not drain correctly unless we were quadropeds.

    4.) Vestigial Traits: Appendix (a vestige from the rabbits coecum). That fleshy pink tissue in the corner of our eyes (vestige from the palpebra tertia = inner eyelid in cats). Human tailbone.

    5.) The Absorption of Chimpanzee Ch 24 into Ch 2 of Humans: Humans have 1 less chromosome than chimps. In 2006, it was discovered that this missing Ch is imbedded in our #2 chromosome. There is a telomere-centromere-telomere right smack in the middle of our Ch 2!!!

    6.) Shared Mutation (genetic plagarism): Vitamin C deficiency in apes, chimps, bonobos and guinea pigs show evidence of common ancestry.

    If the above DON'T show evidence of evolution/common ancestry, why would God put those flaws and indicators in us if we were made in his perfect image? Any engineer professor would give the human body a C- if it were turned in for a semster project. Too many flaws!

  • sinis

    I am under the impression that whoever (god or something else) designed life used one basic mold and modified it for each species, thus the similarities with lower animals. This process is used many times in the manufacturing business to streamline and keep costs down.

    I wonder if we were the product of something similar. If so, then would this not indicate that "God" really did not create man in "his" image? If so is God flawed? Maybe "God" was an ancient astronaut... another race that is just as frail as humans are...


    Life was a Drag..Until we Grew Legs..


  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep


  • unshackled

    I don't believe in a god BUT if there is one it set evolution in motion and let it run. No influence besides pressing the 'Go' button.

    DarioKehl already mentioned some good points. We see that whales have vestigial leg bones, leftover from the days when they were on land. Flightless birds are obviousy in a transition from earlier times of flight. Check out the kakapo in New Zealand...poor buggers. Fat with little wings, but when frightened will still run up a tree and jump in attempt to fly. They plummet like a wet sack of sand.

    Think the most stunning evidence of non-intelligent "design", and supports evolution, is the Laryngeal nerve.

  • 1975

    If one believes in evolution, produce somehting that is better than what we presently have.


  • tracylee

    what intelligent all knowing being would place a man's vulnerable testicles on the OUTSIDE of his body, completely unprotected? And THEN place a billion nerve endings there?! I don't know if we were created or evolved, but I do know that if we were created, God is an a-hole who laughs everytime a poor chap is punched in the junk.

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